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May 20, 2018





Set a Date!

Erin Says: Get excited! You’re almost a SENIOR! Granted, you probably have already realized that you have senioritis and you’re still a Junior. Yikes.  Don’t worry.  You’ll make it.  Summer is almost here!

Emily Says: Yes, summer is almost here! Like us, you probably get super busy in the summer months, so don’t wait to set a date for your senior session.  Plus, this will give you something to really look forward to as it comes closer and closer.  

Pick the BEST session choice for you.

Erin Says: You do you gurl…go for it bro.

Emily Says: Erin, stop trying to sound so cool.  As far as sessions go, there are many options to best fit your needs.  If you are all about getting it done and over with, “my mom is making me do this” (cough, cough….boys with no desire to even think about getting in front of a camera), we have a short session just for you.  However, most of our seniors tend to select the 1.5-2 hour session, with a variety of outfit changes and more hand-edited images. We also have some of our seniors decide they want to do their senior session with one or more of their best friends, right by their side.  This would be our BFF package. We have two different options for this. These sessions allow you and your BFF’s to get all of your individual senior photos done, while also getting some cute and fun group shots. Something your parents might like (no eye rolls here–you haven’t moved out yet), is our family add-on.  This is done during your senior session. It is a fun memory to have, as most of you are heading off to a new home. Your parents (even if they don’t act like it) are sad that you’ll be leaving soon. So, let them have their moments, too. Check out these sessions here

Erin Says: Ugh….even though Gracie and Graham are so little, I am already dreading that day.

Emily Says: Okay, Elsie just threw a tantrum over not letting her take her new bike to bed with her tonight. I’m ready. She’s 3. Too soon?

Erin Says: Seniors, take time to decide what is right for you (and your mom ;-)).


Erin Says: Did someone say shopping?! Did someone say accessories? I’m a sucker for accessories and all things shopping.  Why not make your senior session an excuse to go buy some new things, before you head off to the real world and have to actually buy things with your own money….sigh.

Emily Says: Gross. Shopping. Nah.  Do not feel like you need to go buy an entirely new wardrobe for your senior session. You might spoil yourself with a new shirt, dress, or cute bracelet, but you do not need to go spend a fortune if you do not want to!

Erin Says: We always recommend heading to Instagram or Pinterest for some fun outfit ideas.  Also, take a look at our blog post about our favorite accessories from last season.  We think accessories really add to a photo.

Emily Says: We also love layering.  The more layers the better. Okay, maybe not too many layers. Again, we really think scoping out Instagram for ideas is the best place to start. We follow a ton of really great senior photographers, start there! Check out what our past seniors recommend for shopping here

Hair, Makeup, Nails!

Erin Says: We do not require you to get any of this professionally done.

Emily Says: And don’t even think about asking us for makeup advice.  However, if you have any for us, we will take it!

Erin Says: If you chose to get your hair, makeup, or nails professionally done, go you! If you don’t want to and want a look that is more “you”, that is fine, too! We do recommend you wear more makup than usual so it pops more in the photos. Our seniors do a little of both.  Making sure your nails look semi-decent is always nice for the close-up shots. Rings are a nice touch to your session, so having your nails painted is always a fun addition! Neutral colors look great.

Locations and Props…

Erin Says: Oh yay! I just love props and new ideas. Think of something that you really love to do. Can we incorporate this into your session? If I were to do my senior session over again, I would have incorporated the essentials: ice cream, peanut butter, and of course my phone. Lol.  And if you have no idea what to do with props, don’t worry. We have a lot of seniors who don’t incorporate any. We still allow your personality to come through in your photos.

Emily Says: As far as location goes, we always like trying new places and also have a TON in mind, depending on your vision. We always just try and educate our clients about locations.  Your photos turn out 100 times better when the lighting is PERFECT! This means shade, shade, and shade! We don’t want harsh sunlight. It causes shadows on your face and no one wants that! Let us know if you have any ideas in mind, but make sure to ask permission (if needed) AND check out the lighting.

Bring a Friend or your MOM!

Erin Says: We always love when our clients bring someone along. It helps you feel more comfortable throughout the photoshoot.

Emily Says: Yes! We usually have them help make you giggle, for those fun and candid shots.  A warning for moms, we will probably sneak you into a couple of photos.


Erin Says: No need to sit in front of the mirror (or your phone)  and work on your facial expressions! Although, most people do…we all love selfies (especially with filters…they’re just so much fun)!

Emily Says: We will walk you through all of your poses and figure out what is best for you, your body, and your style.  I usually make Erin show you a pose or two…so I don’t have to embarrass myself trying to pose. Our seniors always look twenty times better than us AND you WILL feel like an America’s Next Top Model contestant by the end of your session.


Erin Says: We want your senior session to be relaxing and fun for you.  It is a big moment in your life! You are going to be graduating and we want you to have some great photos to help you remember this year in your life.

Emily Says: We will make sure you have a blast and laugh along the way. YOLO!

Erin Says: Okay, now you’re trying to be cool, Emily. By the way, YOLO is sooo last year.

Thinking with the End in Mind

Erin Says: Thinking about the end in mind always helps everyone. We want you to be thinking yearbook photo, that BIG photo that will hang on your parent’s wall (until you get married of course), or the fun photos you’ll want to post on Instagram for your squad to see.  

Emily Says: Yes, thinking about these things ahead of time will help us pick specific ideas and poses for your session.

*We hope these tips helped you feel ready for your senior session!

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Emily and Erin