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March 6, 2018


We walk into every session saying, we wish we were as stylish as these seniors.  Someday we will be. Someday. Maybe. We usually hop into the car when we go from location to location saying to each other, “OMG, did you see how cute that was?!” Emily seems to always say, “Erin, I think I am going to order those shoes when I get home.” We just LOVE seeing what new ideas our E-Squared Seniors come up with for their outfit choices!

Here is a list of our top 10 favorite style-choices of our 2018 Seniors:

Brooke’s College Gear

This is a great way to show off your accomplishments and your future spirit! Plus, how cute and exciting is college apparel?! 

Sydnee’s Watch

This was one of our “let’s go buy one when we finish the session” accessories.  We loved how it added the smallest little touch to the photo. It is a classy and simple way to add a little something extra to your outfit choice.

Megan’s Orange Hat

Put it on, hold it in your hand, use it to play hide-and-seek.  They are all cute ways to add a little character to your session.

Annie’s ACDC Shirt

Who doesn’t love a good band tee? And who doesn’t love a little reminder of T.N.T from “way back when” — according to our seniors anyway.

Gina’s Glasses and the Messy Bun

Okay, we live in messy buns.  The glasses were adorable and fit Gina’s personality just right, but the messy bun is always a great way to add a little spunk in at the end of a session.

Maeve’s Roller Skates

This was probably the most unique and fun addition to a senior session. It is a great way to bring in giggles, joy, and special interests into a senior session.

Katelyn’s Blue Shirt

Besides the fact that it matches our changing tent (that we think is pretty cool), we love the color choice.  Bright colors really make a photo pop. They also tend to bring out eye color, nice tans (a golf tan most likely with Katelyn) and brighten up your smile! And look at the simple bracelets–easy touch!

Sarah’s Blanket Scarf

The blanket scarves were an adorable and cozy accessory that many of our seniors fit into their fall and winter sessions. We just loved Sarah’s and how it made her eyes pop!

Olivia’s Leather Jacket

Okay, now most of you probably know how sweet and kind Olivia is, but this was a cute way to incorporate a little sass into her session. There is nothing wrong with being a little edgy.

Kelcy’s Flower Crown

This was an adorable way to add a sweet and soft side to a photoshoot. Not to mention, it is a Snapchat filter. And to take it even further, it is Khloe and Kim’s favorite Snapchat filter.

We couldn’t stop there. Here are even more of our FAVS! 

Just think of some things you LOVE and let’s add them to the session! We want to capture just who you are and your corky personality! 🙂

We cannot stop!  So, we have another fun and exciting addition to our upcoming season of E-Squared Seniors.  We will tote around a GRAB BAG to all of our sessions!  Each senior will get to pick a small and fun accessory from our grab bag, incorporate it into the photo shoot, and take it home! 

We are all about fun, spunk, and character in our senior sessions!


Erin and Emily