Hey there! You’ve probably noticed by now, we are identical twin sisters. We are most known for how much we look alike and the fact that we share the same sarcastic sense of humor. This sarcastic sense of humor is what landed us to where we are right now. Emily said one day to Erin that we should just start a Facebook Page and see if anyone follows us as a photography business (total joke). Erin didn’t catch on that Emily was being sarcastic and stuck on to this idea. One day, at work, Erin asked a student of hers if we could try taking her senior pictures. This is where it all began and we haven’t looked back since. We LOVE this job more than anyone could ever imagine. It is the BOMB.COM! 

Most days you can find Erin chasing her kids, Gracie and Graham around at a park or ordering her to go food extra spicy to indulge in with her hubby, Ben once the kids are in bed. You can usually find Emily hanging out by the pool with her daughters or enjoying some sort of sweet treat around Rice Lake with her hubby, Rob. 

 The things we are most passionate about in life are desserts (like dangerously passionate), yoga pants, listening to podcasts or reading personal development books, snuggles with our kids that are growing up too fast, and spending time with our handsome hubby’s.  

 We love serving the world by showing up on social media and in person and just by being who we truly are. We try our hardest to just simply embrace it! We also love serving in the form of teaching. We were both teachers for about 10 years and still have a passion for creating meaningful content and educating others. We know where we struggled at the beginning of our photography business and want to help others who are struggling to find the answers they need at the start of their journey. We know how frustrating and overwhelming it can truly be, so we are excited to be able to help others simplify learning the creative work of photography. 

 When we’re not busy working, you can find us indulging in delicious food, working out (I mean we just ate five days worth of calories), finding new places to visit with our families, and catching up on The Bachelor (or maybe reading the spoilers).


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