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Photographers, Educators, Identical Twin Sisters & Best Friends from Wisconsin

WE'RE Erin & Emily

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• dangerous obsession with pizza  • laughs hysterically at the show Impractical Jokers • doesn't have pierced ears • wardrobe is 75% workout clothes and 25% teacher attire • dreams of living in Hawaii • hopes to be mistaken for Carrie Underwood one day 

• adds hot sauce to almost everything • loves getting up early and taking naps • cries during pretty much any show • changes into sweats within 20 minutes of being home • eats peanut butter and honey toast daily • knows any 90’s country song 

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about the twins

• Donut Lovers • workout buddies •yoga pantaholics • fair-food junkies •happiness seekers • love obsessed 



For the brides with butterflies...


You’ve got the bling taken care of (Whoa! Let it shine!) and you have a million things to organize (could the “to-do list” get any longer?!). We get it! So, kick up your feet, grab a glass of your go-to wine (or maybe a cup of coffee), and let’s get to work! From the very beginning to the very end, we want to be with you to make your wedding day perfect in every way! We want our couples to enjoy their big day, while they celebrate with the people closest to them. Let us help you make (and of course capture) these exciting memories. 

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for the seniors with a bright future...


You're about to be a SENIOR in high school! WHAT!? Where did the time go? Your senior year is going to be one of the best and busiest years of your life. You will have lots of decisions to make for your bright future ahead.  Let us help! We are here to give you a senior picture experience that will not only be fun, but also create amazing images for you to share as you rock your senior year. 

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