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October 16, 2019

Lake Wissota Golf Course Wedding – Heather and Austin

From the moment we arrived, we could feel the sweetness in the air. Austin and Heather are two of the sweetest individuals we know. They are so incredibly loving, caring, and thoughtful. What a pair. What a perfect pair. These two met at the “most magical place on Earth” … school. They first met in preschool. Crazy. They started dating in 8th grade, where Austin showed an overwhelming amount of interest in Heather. Just ask Austin’s mom, Cindy. Cindy will say that he was a tad obvious during their church groups. Austin won Heather’s heart with his sense of humor. Heather was just as excited that a “shy boy” really liked her and made her laugh.

8 years later, Austin planned (and maybe even over planned) the engagement day. He planned every single detail and even included his best buddy, Davin. Heather said yes and they could hear wedding bells right from Irvine Park.  Speaking of the wedding day, it was a cold and snowy day in October.  However, it was a day filled with overwhelming emotions and so much love.  Austin and Heather swapped letters and gifts with one another and we got to experience both gift swaps (lucky us).  We loved being a part of such thoughtful gifts for one another. We could tell these two really “get” each other and love each other soooo soooo much.

We were so thankful for both Heather and Austin (and their amazing wedding party – and their semi-sarcastic groomsmen) for toughing it out in the snow and cold for some photos to remember. We are glad they played by the family motto and sucked it up..buttercups. We had so much fun with this bunch. Everyone made us feel so welcome, including the great families both of these two come from.

Heather and Austin, thank you so much for an incredible day. Heather always remember to continue to make Austin feel like himself and make him laugh. Heather keep making Austin smile every single day and keep being the patient woman that you are. Remember, “the small forest animals will gather in pairs” when they see your love for one another pass by.  Never leave one another behind…and Austin, don’t let Heather leave her cellphone behind. We hope you enjoy the memories below.