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October 15, 2019

Haugen, WI Senior Session – Lauren

Lauren had an amazing idea to do her photos in Haugen, WI! Who would have thought that you could find such cool backdrops in itty bitty Haugen!? We found soooo many fun spots.  We started her session getting some family photos and then headed to downtown Haugen and took some cute photos of this lovely lady. Next, we headed to the old Haugen school where we got some fun pictures of Lauren by the old playground equipment.  We ended the night getting some cool pictures of Lauren at The Creamery.  Such a fun evening!

5 things we learned about Lauren:

  1. She’s incredibly sweet!
  2. Her friends would describe her as hard-working and happy!
  3. Her favorite store is American Eagle. We are finding that almost all of or seniors say this!!
  4. She’s a fan of the high waisted jeans. We AGREE!
  5. She looks up to her grandpa because he’s been her role model for her whole life and has always been there for her. How sweet is that!?

Take a look at some photos from Lauren’s session!