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October 17, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Senior Session: Molly Roux

Molly is so calm and sweet. We had a ton of fun with Molly and her mom during her senior session. We roamed all around Rice Lake, enjoyed some fall colors, and ended at the hockey rink, where Molly spends every single Sunday. Molly is seriously a doll and has such natural beauty. She was extremely easy to work with and very photogenic. You will see what we mean below. Not to mention, she has dimples. Okay, come on! Not fair. We just got the giant chin dimple. She has cute ones!

5 things we learned about Molly:

  1. Molly’s parents would describe her as bossy and talkative. Well…she is a high school girl, I say that is about right! 🙂
  2. Molly loves scrunchies…and figure skating, duh.
  3. Her favorite ice cream topping is cookie dough. So is Emily’s 🙂
  4. Molly is inspired by Rachel Hollis. Okay, we love this. So are we!
  5. Molly laughs at pretty much anything. She finds everything funny.

Take a look at some photos from Molly’s session below.