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October 8, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Wedding – Molly and Ben Dittmann

The air was cool. The rain was coming down in the early morning.  We arrived to take a quick peek at the reception decor.  It absolutely BLEW us away! We knew that Molly (and Ben) had very creatives minds and that their decorations would be awesome.  We did not know that they would leave us with our jaws on the concrete floor where the reception was set up.  These two put so much work into the details for their wedding day and it paid off! We have never seen anything like it. The two of them handmade everything from the cranes at each table spot to the programs (amazing!) to the mason jar chandeliers. OMG!! You have no idea how much time these two spent to create this magical day for themselves and their guests.  They made every single guest feel like they were incredibly important. They even had a special gift for each of us and personalized them for us! WOW! This goes to show how big their hearts are and how they are perfect for one another.

After stopping at the reception site, we headed to the church to see the beautiful bride and her amazing bridesmaids.  Throughout the entire day, we felt a sense of calmness from Molly and the other ladies.  It made the rain that was coming down seem totally okay! Molly has a knack for making anyone feel welcome, calm and cared for. She is one of a kind!

After finishing up some detail shots, it was time for the first look between Molly & Ben.  Ben stood at the end of the aisle in the sanctuary in his custom-designed suit jacket with a pop of orange for their wedding colors. He was calm and excited to see his beautiful bride.  Molly stepped closer and closer and our hearts got more and more excited for the two of them.  We for some reason always get butterflies during this part of the day because it is so special to our brides and grooms. As soon as Molly and Ben locked eyes, there was again a sense of calmness as they shared their moment together.

The church began to pack full of loved ones who came to see the two of them get married! We learned a few things about Molly and Ben as the day went on from here.  We learned that Ben had the idea for Molly’s engagement ring being a sapphire rather than a diamond. We learned that knowing Ben (according to the Pastor) is a BIG deal and you should be very excited to introduce Ben to anyone.  We agree! He’s pretty spectacular! We learned that Molly had a heart of gold and is so incredibly thoughtful and kind! We learned that Molly is a million (maybe a trillion) more times creative than the typical person!

Most importantly, we learned (at this was easy to see) that Molly and Ben are perfect for one another.  They share a love for board games, gardening, puzzles, Harry Potter (duh!), and spending time with their niece and nephew.  Lastly, we learned that Molly and Ben have the BEST taste in food. They had Old Southern Barbeque at their wedding.  This means there was mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, shredded pork, and CORNBREAD! You guys!! Is there better!? No! We even told the caterer where our car was parked so they could load up all of the leftovers into our trunk.  Obviously they didn’t hear us clearly. Our trunk was just filled with our camera gear. Borrrrrring.

Molly and Ben, we wish you the very best in the years to come. We are so grateful you allowed us to be a part of your very special day.  We are still in awe over how special it was and how wonderful you treated us.  Thank you times a million!!