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August 13, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Wedding – Katie and Kyle

We showed up and instantly smiled. Katie welcomed us with her amazing glow. She overwhelmed us with her beauty. Katie looked so great in her “feminine” dress (inside joke). She makes anyone and everything feel so comfortable. We noticed right away how planned and organized Katie was. 

Katie and Kyle shared a first look that allowed both of their nerves to relax a bit right away. They spent the rest of the day laughing and smiling at each other. When we arrived at the venue for the day (Kyle’s family farm), we were blown away!! We did Katie and Kyle’s engagement session at this same location and couldn’t believe how they transformed the entire place to look so beautiful and welcoming. The best part about it was the noticeable help they had from family and friends all around. Their families are amazing and so loving. 

The friends and families started arriving and the ceremony began. The moment Katie walked down the aisle with her dad, the tears rolled from everyone’s eyes. Cousins, sisters, moms, and most of all the bride were overwhelmed with tears of joy. You could see how deeply in love Katie and Kyle are for one another. They shared their own vows and we loved the reactions from the guests. 

As the evening went on, we noticed how amazing they both are. For one, Katie never slowed down, she was making sure every single guest was welcomed and doing their best. She ran around to fill the cheese curd bowls back up (thanks for that by the way, wowza…best idea ever), handing out coloring pages to kids, and rounding up people for photos and other activities. 

Katie, you have a keeper. Kyle, you do too. Katie, never stop smiling at your number 52. Kyle, keep learning the theme songs with Katie and her family. Katie, stay confident and strong like you were on the basketball court. Kyle, always chug a Smirnoff when Katie asks. Katie and Kyle, although you will be focused on your life together, don’t forget about the people that love you the most around you. Maybe once a year, ask Andrew to come crash for a sleepover, with your sleeping bags. And always, share your best restaurant choices with us, we love food just as much as you. 

Thank you for letting us in on such a special day for you and your families. We feel so blessed to be a part of such a great crowd and even better couple. Keep smiling and loving like no other!