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August 9, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Senior Session: Kaylee Johnson

What a freaking doll. Kaylee and her mom were such a blast during her session. Kaylee’s charm blew us away and you’ll see why below. She had stunning outfits, accessories, and shoes. We loved all of her looks. Of course, when you glance at most of these photos, you would think Kaylee is super girly.  Don’t let that fool you too much. She is a THREE sport athlete AND knows a little bit about cars. 🙂

5 things we learned about Kaylee:

  1. She put together a motor at work….and we still barely know how to open the hood of a car.
  2. Kaylee plays basketball, soccer, and volleyball.
  3. Her parents would describe her as caring, yet sassy. Ha!
  4. She can rock scrunchies and Birks like no other.
  5. Her Godbrother, Bryce, has had a really strong impact on her growing up. 🙂

Check out this stunner below!