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August 6, 2019

Mommsen’s Harvest Hills Wedding – Josie and Matt

As soon as we walked into Josie’s bridal suite at Mommsen’s Harvest Hills, we knew this day was going to be very special. The tears were already rolling (cough, Emma, cough) and the emotions were high. As Josie’s dad JR said in his speech, it was one of the most emotional wedding ceremony’s he had ever been to. We agree. It was filled with laughter and happy tears. Even before Josie stepped foot into the sanctuary, tears were already falling and the church was filled with beautiful music and sniffles from every direction. Josie and Matt wrote their own amazing vows for one another. This is where Matt promised Josie he would let her eat skittles until she had a belly ache and where Josie vowed to never bribe her kids with ice cream just to be Badger fans. Not only were these vows meaningful to each other, but both Josie and Matt’s parents (and grandparents) were also overwhelmed with joyful tears.

Josie and Matt met at their college gym. Not a big surprise if you know these two all-star athletes. JR mentioned that he was in shock when he found out that Josie had met a guy because she spent her life so far just beating them up…or at least trying to intimidate them with her muscles. When JR first met Matt, he fell for him right away. With Matt’s strong handshake and manners, he knew he was a great match for his baby girl. He wasn’t going to allow Josie to get by too easy though. The first time he sat down alone with Matt, he tricked him just a little. Matt became a little nervous, as he started to believe the little lie JR told him. He soon found out he was just fibbing, which as a relief for Matt. As JR gave great advice to this pair, he agreed that they wouldn’t need much after seeing them together already and their great vows earlier in the day.

Josie’s older sister, Emma, took the stage at the reception and made everyone cry and laugh. She mentioned that Emma and Josie’s relationship started out a little rocky. They would squeeze each other, bite, and yank hair. Slowly it picked up after Josie had an accident while playing basketball just a few years ago. It hit hard for everyone surrounding Josie, especially her sister, Emma. We couldn’t help but see the love her sister had for her all day long. Emma looked at Josie like she was the most amazing sister and role model in the world. Emma mentioned that Josie has a way of making others feel at ease and smile almost instantly after meeting them. We couldn’t agree more. Emma also pointed out Matt’s ability to make everyone he meets feel like the most important person in the world. This is also so beyond true! These two are the nicest people, with the biggest hearts!

Next up was TJ, Matt’s cousin, who also said a few words. He followed what he referred to as the “closet professional speakers”… aka, the Buckley family. However, we want to say that TJ blew everyone away just as much. TJ kept the crowd going and laughing until their bellies truly hurt. His biggest piece of advice for the couple was to trust each other, always.

Josie and Matt, thank you for welcoming us into your special day. We found out so much about the two of you. You are incredible people and talented in many ways. We had a blast capturing the memories, through the humidity, downpour, and beautiful sunset at the end of the night. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. We just want to remind you of one thing: Make sure you do your dishes before you go to bed tonight.

Take a look at just some of the beauty and emotions in this day.



The Creative Team 

Venue: Mommsen’s Harvest Hills 

Catering: Cookin’ Up A Storm 

DJ: Adam Bever

Florist: Just Imagine 

Photography: E-Squared Photography