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August 5, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Senior Session: Rhiannon Bednar

The sweeeeeeetest girl in the universe! Wow. She was extremely mature and polite about everything when it came to her senior session. We love her! Her freckles and natural giggles made this session so adorable and sooo much fun. We tried a few new things with Rhiannon and loved it! Even though Rhiannon would say her mom drives her nuts, we can see where Rhiannon gets her amazing personality from. What a fun pair to work alongside for a senior session.

5 things we learned about Rhiannon:

  1. She obsessed with Panera Bread! As are we.
  2. She LOVES to shop!
  3. She can do without mullets in her life.
  4. She is great at meeting new people and a natural sweetheart.
  5. She would love to go to Europe someday.

Check out some of her photos below!