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August 7, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Senior Session: Simon Cuskey

What a relaxing and easy-going session with Simon. Simon is one of the most laid back and respectful young men we have ever done a session alongside. We spent our time downtown, going from building to building, and ending at his comfort place, the golf course. For those of you that do not know Simon, he is one talented individual when it comes to golf. This last season wasn’t Simon’s first visit to the state tournament, but this time he shined beyond belief. Simon came home placing second place! He led his team all season and ended strong at the state tournament.

5 things we learned about Simon:

  1. Simon and his friends are setting a new trend…the visor. We hope you consider hopping on that train.
  2. Simon would like to go to college for aviation…and golf. 🙂
  3. Simon’s parents would describe him as quiet and respectful. We agree!
  4. Simon would love to go to Scotland and play a few rounds of golf with his buddies.
  5. Simon has some fashion and swag.

Check some of his session out below.