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June 13, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Summer Engagement Session – Heather and Austin

Heather and Austin met all the way back at church when they were in the same Pre K class. They began dating in the 8th grade at Chippewa Falls Middle School.  How ADORABLE is that? Austin planned a romantic day for Heather last fall and ended the day with family photos with their dog and then proposed!! Anyone who adds in photos to their proposal is a KEEPER!! What future bride wouldn’t LOVE that? Nice work, Austin! 

Heather and Austin are two of the kindest and calm individuals. We love witnessing their sincere love for one another when photographing their engagement session. Heather & Austin became naturals at posing for us immediately! Heather is a CNA and we can tell by her extreme sweetness. It was just as sweet as the little baby fawn that photobombed our session with them. Austin works in IT, which is always a plus in a relationship these days! One thing we like about them is they share our love for easy fast food and sweatpants (at least Heather, anyway!).  

Heather and Austin will be getting married at Lake Wissota Golf Course in the fall and we cannot wait! Take a look at some photos from their engagement session below.