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May 14, 2019

Top 3 Benefits to Ordering Professional Prints

Top 3 Benefits to Ordering Professional Prints

Are you guilty of never printing the photos on your phone? Are you guilty of getting professional photos done by a photographer and then waiting months (or years…) to print them? We totally get it! This is the way we live now with our smartphones. We have been there! This is why we are so excited to share 3 benefits to ordering professional prints through your photographer.

Unless we force ourselves to set a reminder (on our phones of course), we never seem to get around to it.  Are you ever overwhelmed with what photos to even order or what size? Are you unsure of where to print your photos to? We totally get it! We are here to help.  We have learned the hard way in the past.  We definitely don’t want to knock any print labs by any means, but we know the quality that you can get by ordering through your photographer to a professional lab.  We have printed to both consumer labs and professional labs and the difference can be dramatic at times.

Top 3 Benefits to Ordering Professional Prints


Ordering through your photographer means you have a professional who is going to help you choose the best images, sizes, format, etc. that will work for YOU.  Most likely, your photographer will have samples to show you of prints, canvases, albums, etc. so you can see what you will be getting rather than guessing what you might get if you ordered it all on your own. This will save you a lot of time and potential money in the long run if for some reason your prints or album show up not looking the way you wanted them to look.

Top 3 Benefits to Ordering Professional Prints

You will actually print your photos!

We are all guilty of not printing our photos. But why? Why don’t we all have the mindset that we want to hang these photos in our house or create an album of the beautiful photos we have? Especially if you have professional photos taken, show those babies off!! Print them and print them with a quality lab!

Top 3 Benefits to Ordering Professional Prints


The most important of the three benefits is the quality of the photos you choose to print.  You can see great examples here of the variation of prints you will get from professional labs vs. consumer labs.  This is a great visual to help you understand what you might get if you order to a consumer lab.  Color quality, paper quality, and so much more come into play when you choose to print to a professional lab. 

We are definitely not saying you HAVE to order through your photographers, but we highly recommend it. We know that everyone is different and has different needs and that is totally okay.  

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We hope these 3 benefits to ordering professional prints through your photographer were helpful!

You’re The Best,

Emily & Erin