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May 7, 2019

Weegman Greenhouse Engagement Session – Rice Lake, WI – Molly and Ben

We absolutely love the uniqueness of this amazing couple! From the short time we have spent with Molly & Ben, we have caught on to the love they share for one another. It is far from normal. It is the love that every little girl dreams about.  The way Ben looks at Molly and her giddy smile back at him is so special. Ben looks at Molly the way that we look at cinnamon rolls…and that says something!

Ben and Molly met a long time before they ever started dating. They actually met at Molly’s brother, Tom’s wedding.  Ben was Tom’s best man at the wedding.  They shared a few common interests at the time, but it didn’t go much further after that…until…Tom tagged Molly in one of Ben’s Facebook posts.  What was the post about? We believe it was about something to do with the Apple Watch! We love it.  One of their first dates was at a Harry Potter trivia night at a bar near Milwaukee. Again, this is what we love about them so much. Now, it was not just a couple blocks away for Molly to up and go to her trivia night.  It was over a few hours!  The awesome part about this night was that they even won the trivia!

From this point on, they kept hanging out and their relationship blossomed.  Everyone was so excited for both of them.  Later on, Ben decided it was time to pick out a ring for Molly.  They went to pick one out together.  The ring is a gorgeous sapphire.  The best part about the ring and shopping for it is that Molly refused to take it off once she tried it on.  So, Ben did exactly what he needed to do. He proposed to Molly right then and there. This was our favorite part.

The first time we sat down with Molly and Ben was so much fun that we could not wait to see them again for their engagement session. Being that Molly is quite involved and has been for years, with Weegman Greenhouse, we knew this would be an amazing opportunity to try some fun new photos.  It was a gorgeous evening to shoot photos of the two of them, but our backdrop will be a tough one to top.  If you have been to this greenhouse before, you know how beautiful every inch of their greenhouse is.  We were blown away when we walked in.  We had so many choices and ideas that we couldn’t even handle it. Our indecisiveness took over and we eventually just had to suck it up and pick a spot to start!

Take a look at Molly and Ben’s engagement session below!