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March 6, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Winter Engagement Session: Daria & Alec

Wow! What a fun-spirited couple. We got to spend quite a bit of time this weekend with Daria and Alec.  We met with them to discuss wedding plans and the wedding timeline. They are so incredibly easy to talk with.  Daria and Alec met through Alec’s sister.  However, little did his sister know, they were dating and didn’t tell her right away.  I’m sure she had an idea, as Daria said she had been crushin’ pretty hard on Alec for a while.

Later on, Alec proposed on their trip to Chicago. Daria said it was just perfect, even after an extremely hot day out in the sun.  Daria and Alec then welcomed their everso adorable (and honestly guys….the cutest) Ellis into their family. They have a son who just turned one and if you need a little smile, head to their Instagram pages for the cutest baby in the world…and we aren’t just saying this. He is a DOLL!

We had so much fun on this chilly winter evening with Daria and Alec. They made their session flow so easily. We can tell they giggle with each other a ton and Ellis must just adore this about his parents. One of the things that melted our heart is Daria shared that they fall asleep some nights giggling and kissing. Okay!? How sweet.  Even after their long days (and nights) at work, having a toddler, they still find time to giggle and kiss. We cannot wait to photograph your wedding day!

Check out some of their session below. 🙂