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March 13, 2019

Top Wedding Trends you will see in 2019

After doing some researching and following some big-time wedding planners, we have found some fun wedding trends predicted to happen in 2019. Watch out for these! See the list below for some inspiration.

  1. Statement Cakes – They are making a comeback. Bigger, fancier, monogrammed, handpainted, etc. Have a cake in mind? We know a Rice Lake local who will make it happen, plus some! Ashley Estreen with Cake Couture is your go-to person for this!
  2. Balloon Walls – The new flower wall at a wedding reception. Much cheaper, too! Using different colors and sizes can make it look amazing.
  3. Velvet! – We kept finding this as a major trend coming in 2019. Whether it is found on shoes, pocket squares, or as a detail piece on the reception tables.
  4.  Handwritten notes- We love this one! These are used in place of name cards. We could see this working at a smaller wedding.
  5. Lights – String lights, fairy lights, lanterns, renting lighting sources, etc. It is all about the lighting.
  6. The Color Rust – Bridesmaid dresses, florals, tuxes, etc.
  7. Unique Venues – From an Airbnb to a brewery or even a ceremony in a greenhouse. You never know unless you ask! 🙂 How cool would these be!?
  8. Bridal Hats and Headpieces – These are coming back. Our mom wore a bridal hat back in the day. What a fun addition to your wardrobe on this big day.
  9. Festival-Styled Reception – Live bands, fair food trucks (mmhmmm), and our favorite….an artist drawing caricatures of guests!
  10. Gender Neutral Wedding Parties – Skip guys on one side, girls on the other, and mix it up!
  11. Scenting your Wedding – It is becoming popular to create a custom scent or scents.  These are then put into candles and either burned at the reception or given away as a gift favor. Guests could choose their favorite scent to take home. It might remind them of your big day when they burn it.
  12. Confetti! – Tossing colorful confetti instead of blowing bubbles or sparklers.
  13. Ribbons on Bouquets – Adding a long ribbon to your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets can really make them pop!
  14. Private Vows – Instead of saying your vows in front of all 150+ guests, couples are starting to say their vows in private. What an intimate moment to share and remember.
  15. First Looks – We keep seeing this by our own clients more or and more. Ask us why we think this is the way to go in order to get the most out of your day! Hint: It has to do with more time with your loved one on your special day. 😉
  16. Glam Bars – Okay, for realz?! This is so cool.  You could even hire someone who just loves doing makeup and hair.  Anyway…what is this exactly? Have a glam bar set up in the ladies (or gents) restroom where someone can fix their bobby pins, makeup, etc. Don’t have someone to hire? Just add a fun glam bar basket into the restroom. Whatever guests don’t use, you take home!

We hope you enjoyed reading the upcoming trends in the wedding world! We are sure excited to see what we start seeing this upcoming wedding season!

Erin & Emily