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February 27, 2019

Cameron, WI Winter Engagement Session: Rachel and Adam

THE DRESS!! How amazing is this red dress!?! We are obsessed with Rachel (and Adam) in these photos! That pop of color, along with the gorgeous glow Rachel naturally has, made these photos amazing!

Rachel and Adam dated for around a year before getting engaged.  Adam popped the question while in Mexico on a vacation.  Let’s talk about their engagement story! Rachel and Adam would describe themselves as both a touch on the clumsy side. Uh oh! Adam and Rachel were all dressed up for a fancy dinner and by the time the arrived, Rachel was ready to grab a glass of wine and relax, but Adam wanted to go on a little walk instead. They walked to a private area which was lit by candles and torches….amazing!! Rachel was walking around and fumbled (which isn’t out of the ordinary for her, according to Rachel).  Thank goodness the rock helped break her fall.  Little did she know that she had a dusting of back soot all over her hand and she brushed her dress with it, along with Adam’s shirt! Shortly after that, Adam popped the question and told her not to touch any other rock on the island except for the one that was going to be placed on her finger. Clever line, Adam! We kind of wished we were there to witness this roller coaster of events!

Rachel & Adam have two dogs, Bella and Rudder, and a cat named Oliver.  They are lovers of their little fur babies!

We are so incredibly excited to work with these two on their big day! They are planning A pretty amazing wedding. We cannot wait to see how it unfolds. These two are incredibly kind individuals who have an amazing sense of style. They also have such a contagious energy to them. We can see why they love each other so much!

Thank you, Adam & Rachel. Take a look at some of their photos below.