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November 22, 2018

Last 90 Days of 2018 – Our Gratitude Lists

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? Have you ever lasted more than one month, following that resolution? If so, props to you! We have had several resolutions in the past that have lasted as long as maybe a couple of months…and as short as a good 12 hours! We have agreed (the two of us) several times that we are going to eat more veggies and fruit, with each meal, and by the time lunch comes on the first day, we fail. Yup. This has happened many times. We have a hunch that you have been in the same boat in one way or another.

After reading Rachel Hollis’s book “Girl Wash Your Face” (for some reason we cannot say the title of that book without saying ‘yo face’ instead of ‘your face’). Say it aloud. See what we mean? Anywho, if you haven’t read this, you must.  We fell in love with Rachel Hollis after this book. She is pretty awesome, in many ways. She challenged us (and thousands of others) to the Last 90 Days Challenge. She says, instead of trying to make the first 30 days of the new year great, try and make the last 90 days of this year even better.  What better way to start off the new year than to have a headstart on your goals and dreams?! This blew our mind. Something so simple. Anyway, there are 5 pieces in this challenge.  Each of the challenges helps our health in some sort of way and not just physical health.

One of the biggest parts of this challenge is to write down 10 things we are grateful for, every day. So far, we are both staying on track with it and noticing a huge difference in the way we approach every day. We start our day writing these down and it forces us to search for these things as we go through our day. It also helps us appreciate and look for the good in others and in ourselves. We thought we would share our lists from today. Each day is a little different, depending on where our brains are at.

Erin’s list of gratitude:

  1. My husband let air in the car tires….as it gets colder this is needed (side note: I would never do this without him).
  2. Storytime at night with my kids….even if it is reading the same book over and over.
  3. Listening to Gracie say lemonade (its the cutest word that she says…that and ravioli).
  4. Coffee
  5. Quiet mornings…where I can actually hear the buzzing noise of the furnace. That quiet. My house isn’t quiet that often.
  6. Warm blankets that are too big to fold with just one person.
  7. Photography and time spent with my the other square.
  8. Personal development books
  9. Chapstick
  10. Peanut butter

Emily’s list of gratitude:

  1. Morning workouts before the girls are up.
  2. YOGA PANTS!!!!!
  3. Listening to podcasts.
  4. Getting random cards or drawings filled with hearts and the word love by my nightstand almost every night from Myla.
  5. When Elsie will say Mom, I love you, out of the middle of nowhere. And her laugh…it is great!
  6. Mugs that keep my coffee warm and my water ice cold.
  7. A husband that puts the girls and I before his needs every second of every day.
  8. Our followers on social media that are so encouraging of our business.
  9. Myla and Elsie will always let me hug and kiss them as much as I want without complaining.
  10. Tombstone pizzas and anything chocolate.

Although, there aren’t quite 90 days left anymore, before the new year approaches, we are going to challenge you to some things. Stick with one or go all in!

  1. Get on Amazon and buy “Girl Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis…did you say ‘yo face’? Just checkin.
  2. Write down 10 pieces of gratitude (or even five) each day. It doesn’t have to be in the morning but we like how it starts our day out on a good note.
  3. Spread the word with your friends AND share your thoughts with us! We want to hear how other people are changing their mindsets in a positive way!


Thanks for reading!


Erin & Emily