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November 15, 2018

Top Senior Accessories – Class of 2019 Seniors

Accessories. Accessories. Accessories. These can add soooo much to a session! Not only does it make the pictures turn out that much better, but it shows a unique side of who you are.  Take a look at our top senior accessories from the class of 2019 seniors!

Shoes – Lillie will admit it, she is a bit of a shoe addict. She also happens to work at the local shoe store. This was a fun and cute way to incorporate all of her favorite shoes. Amanda’s sandals were also some of our favorite shoes we saw this season. And look at her cute toenail polish! Yellow was the color this summer!

Katelyn’s Pink Necklace – A statement necklace at its best. Katelyn nailed the look with her chunky pink necklace.

Mikayla’s Caramel Apple – If you don’t like a caramel apple from the pumpkin patch, then you cray cray.  This was a simple prop to add to Mikayla’s fall session at the pumpkin patch. The pumpkins were fun, too! But let’s be honest, why do you reallllly go to the pumpkin patch….the sweets! Duh.

Olivia and Reece’s Watch – We love to feature accessories and these watches were some of our favorite.

Hats – Adding a hat to a picture can create an entirely different look and it is so simple. We loved the variety of hats our seniors brought to this season.  It can also allow a little more personality to shine through. Um…and we loved Anna’s ‘mom’ shorts that she rocked in downtown Shell Lake.

Lydia’s Pineapple – Who would ever think a piece of fruit could make an image look so adorable. Again, it was such a simple way to add a little fun and personality to Lydia’s photoshoot. She rocked that pineapple.

Hailey’s Beach Ball – Who loves hanging out at the beach with their friends, all summer long? We know you probably do! Hailey brought this right into her photoshoot and it is sooo adorable! Plus, yum…orange pop!

Taylor’s Sprite Bottle – This might be one of our favorite images of Taylor. Maybe it is because her eyes match the Sprite bottle. We loved how this tiny bottle added so much to this image. It’s always fun to have a few unique photos in your gallery! These are great photos to post on social media.

Mikayla’s Collage – What a great way to incorporate ALL of her interests and past milestones throughout her life thus far. From books to paintings, to work apparel, to her volleyball, she incorporated it all in one shot! We just loved this idea.

Accessories and props are some of our favorite images for our seniors. They add memories to images and to look back on these fun photos reminds you of your senior year! If you cannot think of a prop or accessory to add to your photos, ask us! We LOVE trying new things if you are up for it.


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