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November 29, 2018


We’ve probably all been there.  Sitting at a wedding, bored out of our mind.  Wishing we were home doing something productive.  Yes!  We have now witnessed many weddings and have seen some of the coolest things to get guests excited about the wedding day.  It doesn’t have to be anything super big and fancy, but bringing some fun into your wedding day can make it so everyone has a good time! Even the guy your dear cousin brought that may only know two people.

  1. Games: Our bride and groom, Alyssa and Joe, from this wedding blew us away with the entertainment they had for their guests.  They had a bunch of different games for their guests to play throughout the evening.  How cool is the Plinko board that Joe made!?  In order for the bride and groom to kiss, they had to play Plinko! They had the coolest gift favors, too!  Who doesn’t love to get a lottery ticket?! Their guests were sure to stay entertained during the social hour and the reception! 
  2. Late Night Snacks: Did someone say food?! We all LOVE to eat.  This is such a good way to reward your hard working guests since they’ve been dancing the night away! Talking to the venue is always a great idea to see if they provide a late night snack option or if they mind you bringing in your own! Nachos, pizza, meat and cheese trays, etc.  We’ve even heard of couples doing food trucks!! SOOOO cool! Those are all going to get your wedding guests pumped during the dance!
  3. Photo Booth: Guests LOVE these!  They don’t have to be anything super fancy either.  Brady and Whitney’s photo booth was amazing! This is such a fun way to get your guests to break loose a little bit and to have memories of them from your wedding day! Add in a little hashtag sign for them to use when they post their photos to social media! That way you can see all of the fun moments you maybe missed as you were busy dancing or talking to your guests. 
  4. Surprises: There are so many ways we have seen brides and grooms surprise their guests or even each other! It is truly the best!  We’ve seen everything from a bride riding in on a horse to a groom on his Harley to a groom brewing beer for his bride (see below on number 6).  So many cool ideas!! 
  5. Social Hour Snacks: This is especially important if you have a gap between your ceremony and the reception.  Provide a snack and drinks to your guests while they wait around for you to arrive.  They will appreciate it!
  6. Signature Drink: Or as Josh and Kelsey did, they brewed their own beer.  Well, Josh surprised Kelsey with a brewed beer for all of their guests.  Um….wow! So incredible! Guests love when the bride and groom have a signature drink for them to try on the day of their wedding.  We’ve seen a lot of bride and grooms do this for just a short hour to save on money.  
  7. Unique Food: Don’t always think that you have to do the same old chicken, veggies, and potatoes (unless that is what you love, go for it!).  Emily decided to ask if she could have the venue make tacos for her big day because she is one of the pickiest eaters you will ever meet! They did and it was cheaper that way, too!  Then there was another wedding…We were like little kids on Christmas when it was time to eat at this wedding!! BREAKFAST FOR DINNER!!!?!?! AT A WEDDING!!?! YESSSSSS!!!! Build your own mimosa bar? Okay, this is amazing! 
  8. Unique desserts: Okay, Okay, to top it all off, this wedding dessert was DONUTS!! We didn’t want to leave.  Are you kidding!? We love the unique dessert ideas the bride and grooms are bringing to the table nowadays.  Emily was just at a wedding this past summer as a guest, where the bride and groom asked a variety of close relatives to make their signature dessert.  It was adorable and the best of the best desserts.  Plus, they probably saved on money! 
  9. Kid Activities: When you don’t have small children, you forget about kids and how antsy they get!  Yes, they start having fun once the music comes on, but what about during the reception or even the ceremony? Brady and Whitney had an adorable kid table set up with coloring pages.  It worked out perfect for the small children to have something to do during the social hour and the reception.  
  10. Hire a solid DJ and DANCE at your wedding!! If you dance, your guests will dance.  We’ve talked to multiple DJ’s that will completely agree with this statement.  

Okay, we get it! A lot of our ideas were about providing good food to your wedding guests.  Well…don’t we all love amazing food!? We hope you enjoyed our list of ways to ensure your guests have an amazing time at your wedding! Do you have something you’ve done and want to share? We’d love to have some new ideas to share with our clients!!


You’re The Best,

Emily & Erin