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September 8, 2018

Engagement Session Style Tips

We L.O.V.E. engagement sessions! Brides have been waiting for this day and the days to come for their whole lives! The engagement session allows us to get to know our clients before the big day and they get to know us.  It gets the future Mr. and Mrs. comfortable in front of the camera before their big day.  It takes away the stress and pressure on the wedding day when you know your client, they know you, and they’ve been in front of your lens before.
We have had so many brides email us with the same question! What should I wear for my engagement session?  We totally get it.  You want the perfect outfit for your session because these photos will be on your save the dates, wedding website, at your wedding, etc. We are here to help! No need to stress when you have millions of other things to stress about.
Here are some tips we can offer:
Bride Tips:
1. Have Fun Choosing Your Outfit!
Have you fallen in love with a tulle skirt, fancy dress, flower crown?  Now is the time that you can rock it! There is no such thing as too fancy for your engagement session. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your outfit.  Are those totally not you? That is okay too! A more casual look is just as gorgeous.  Most of our brides like to rock the dresses (one short and one long) and those ALWAYS look like perfection, but if you are a shorts or pants type of girl, no worries! We know you’ll rock that, too.
2. No Need to Break the Bank:
No need to go purchase new dresses that you will never wear again because you wanted to rock something fun for your engagement session.  We have heard a lot of brides talk about something called Rent the Runway for dresses.  It’s awesome.  You rent the dress (they actually send you two different sizes) and then you return them when you are finished! Totally go out and buy a couple new outfits if you are wanting to though–it can be a good excuse to shop! Do you, girl! P.S. If you are stressing about having to find TWO outfits, one is totally fine.
3. Accessories:
Neither of us considers ourselves big jewelry people, but we have noticed that smaller necklaces are not as noticeable in pictures as the chunkier necklaces.  Make a statement! Earrings, belts, bracelets also add good touches to photos.  Another accessory we have seen work great is a bouquet (yes!) or a floral crown. So cute.
4. Flatter your features:
Every woman we have ever photographed has something about them they are self-conscious about.  Their waist, their arms, ankles, etc.  One tip we have is that 3/4 length sleeves and jackets have a nice slimming effect on the arms.  Heels help make the legs look FABULOUS! Neither of us wears heels…like ever, but we have noticed in photos of ourselves that our legs are much more flattering with a little heel.
5. Stressing Still?
Getting your hair or makeup professionally done can take away from the stress big time! You could even schedule your practice wedding day hair and makeup up on this day!
Groom Tips:
1. Clothing:
Long pants and a nice button down shirt with closed-toed shoes are the best! You will thank us later. This does not mean that one of your outfits couldn’t be shorts.  Do what you feel best in. You will be able to wear this same outfit to a buddies wedding later on.
2. Eat and have a drink:
Make sure to have a full stomach before the session.  Guys seem to get antsy and awkward during the session (sorry, guys).  Having a beer or drink before your session can totally calm you down and make you feel like David Beckham.
3. Happy Wife, Happy Life!
Put some thought into your outfit.  Your beautiful bride-to-be is so excited about this!
Couples Tips:
1. Coordinate Colors
No, we don’t mean both of you wear the exact same color.  That trend is out the door.  Neutral tones, cool colors, and pastels always look ahhhmazing in photos.  Want bright colors still? Accessories!
2. Layer 
There is nothing wrong with adding jackets, hats, scarves for your photoshoot.  It all adds to the pictures.  These also show your style and who you are!
3. Be You
Take how you normally dress and pick it up a notch or two.  Don’t stress and have fun!!

Are you getting married and need some help with what to wear to your session? Check out our FREE style tips here!

We hope this helped you relax for your engagement photos.  Now, guys, don’t forget to take your bride-to-be out for dinner after your session.  She didn’t get all dolled up for photos only! 😉 You both deserve it.