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September 7, 2018

Peyton’s Senior Session: Rice Lake, WI

Peyton is a stunner. She has some of the best styles, from her shoes to her adorable accessories. Peyton has a unique personality that we adore.  She has a tendency to walk in a room and blow you away with her beauty, but at the same time, she puts you at ease with her extreme laid-back vibes.  She is soooo laid-back. Peyton stays incredibly busy with dance and hanging with all of her friends and family.

Peyton’s session was wonderful, even though it downpoured in the middle of her session for about 10 minutes. Thankfully, Peyton escaped the rain quick enough.  We loved her fun ideas and liked how she decided this was a must photoshoot to do where she spends a ton of her time…right on the lake.  You could tell this is where Peyton is at home and super comfortable. She is a lake girl.

5 things we learned about Peyton:

  1. She wants to go into the medical field after high school.
  2. She is a lifeguard at work and in the football stands.
  3. She is a big sister to three younger siblings.
  4. She has pretty amazing shoes.
  5. She has been to almost every Taylor Swift tour…and she totally rocked the red lipstick at on particular tour. 😉


Thanks, Peyton!  Check out some of her session below.