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April 25, 2018

Ermoly turns 32!

Yay! Ermoly turns 32! Our Uncle Jeff has always called us Ermoly when he saw us because he never knew who was who.  To this day, he still calls us Ermoly when he sees one of us. Smart man. We have been blessed to share our birthday together for 32 years.  We have so many things we LOVE about being twins, but there are annoyances, too. Keep reading to hear more!

Growing up, we shared a room, shared clothes, shared a birthday cake most of the time, shared a toothbrush (totally kidding!), and shared a car! A CAR!? Try sharing a car with your twin sister. Not fun. We had the same friend groups so a lot of the time we were okay, but when you have to see your boyfriend and your sister is using the car….not cool!  

To help celebrate 32 years of Ermoly, let’s take a look at 32 of our BEST memories as twin sisters:

  1. Parties in the womb.  WHOOP WHOOP! We threw incredible parties in there.  We would eat, sleep, and repeat. It was a blast!! Sorry, we didn’t invite you.  There just wasn’t enough womb. 😉
  2. Our birth! Erin came into this world just 10 minutes before Emily arrived. She’s much more mature because of that.   
  3. Growing up in South Dakota.  We still stay in touch with our friend Nicole who we spent almost every day with, putting on plays, coming up with our own gymnastic routines, pretending to be Shania Twain, playing t-ball (or trying at least), and most importantly, playing school.  We all, of course, had the name of our 2nd-grade crush as our teacher name. 
  4. Erin remembers raising her hand in kindergarten to answer questions for Emily because she was too shy to talk.  Not so much anymore…
  5. Our 2nd-grade birthday party.  We piled a huge group of girls into our parent’s stylin’ Chevy K-5 Blazer and turned up the music to sing none other than the Billy Ray Cyrus’ hit song, Achy Brachy Heart. 
  6. We moved to Rice Lake in 3rd grade. We started to become involved in basketball and loved it. In our first few games we would just give the ball to a girl if she was trying to take it away.  We were so thoughtful!
  7. B.U.M. Equipment clothes. It was the brand to have back in the day! We also loved trying on clothes. We would beg our mom to take us shopping just so we could try on clothes. Our mom tells us that we never asked to buy any. We just liked to do a little fashion show. 
  8. April Fools Day! One of the many benefits of having a twin growing up.  Back in 4th-grade, we switched classes for the day! We thought we were soooo cool. Maybe we have tricked you…who knows!? The absolute BEST part of tricking others was when we would trick our boyfriends on the phone. Yes, we would actually talk on the phone (no snapping back then)!  They NEVER knew. It would get awkward when one of them would say “I love you” and we would usually burst out in laughter. Don’t worry, we never tricked them in person. 
  9. Going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in the summer, for an entire week. We got to swim in their pool and eat tons of berries! We were (and still are) spoiled! Check out our amazing TANG mustaches below. 
  10. Our first boyfriends.  Emily had her first boyfriend in 7th grade.  She never did talk to him in person though. She had her friend ask him out for her and then they just sent notes back and forth. 
  11. Doc Martens. We got our first pair (shared them of course) of sandals and rocked them. With socks.  
  12. Middle. School. Dances.  OMG!! Never did we dance to any songs except maybe two slow songs if we would get the courage to dance with a boy.  
  13. Middle school pics…insert eye roll emoji. Enough said. 
  14. Our first Hollister sweatshirt! Yaaass! Everyone seemed to have one, and we were so excited that we got one.  Thanks, mom! Why did we care so much about things back then? We don’t know. Unfortunately, we only had one…to share…soo…. 
  15. The 1992 Buick Regal Custom.  Our very first car. Of course, we shared this car.  It had wood paneling, rich blue seats, a fluffy purple steering wheel cover, plenty of room for our BFF Kasey to ride in the middle up front, and best of all, a cassette player to jam out to the Spice Girls down Main street. #RIPBuick 
  16. Weight lifting in high school. We would wake up all summer long at 5 am to be the first athletes at the school for weight lifting, with Coach Pottinger.  This is where our love for working out started. Thanks, Coach! 
  17. Breakups. Tears, tears, and more tears.  We thought we were going to marry these guys. Phew!  
  18. Calculus and Advanced Chemistry study sessions! Who doesn’t love having class with Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Lavick! These were/are two of the most amazing people and teachers.  We loved school and that is why we became teachers. 
  19. We were so excited to head off to college and become more independent. We loved living in our little house in Eau Claire with our good friend Kallie. Too many memories to count there! We enjoyed our long naps in between classes the most. 
  20. Country Fest. Our friends spent a couple of years attending Country Fest in Cadott, WI.  What a great (and crazy) time. 
  21. Rob and Emily went to high school together but weren’t in the same friend group.  It wasn’t until after high school that Emily and Rob became friends, and eventually got engaged.
  22. Getting the news that we were being offered a teaching position! We found out just a day apart from one another. Try figuring out which twin was going to apply where. We had the same certification. Would we both get an interview? Would neither of us get an interview?  Yikes. We made it work!
  23. Erin met Ben. They hit it off extremely fast, most likely because they shared the same sarcastic sense of humor. 
  24. Getting married for both of us was a memory that we will always cherish.  We are both so lucky to have the most amazing men in our lives. 
  25. Boy does having kids put a whole new outlook on life! There is a ton of work that goes into parenting, but it is so rewarding. We both agree that the smiles these little ones cause us to have is the best feeling in the world!   
  26. Never sleeping again. Oh yeah, those kids. Haha! We just now need to go to bed a lot earlier than in the past.  Heading to bed around nine is a new trend.
  27. Being told that we put our kid’s shoe on wrong or that we didn’t peel the banana the right way. Oh yeah, those darn kids again. We get a kick out of telling each other stories about how our kids acted during the day.  
  28. Starting our business. This was the best decision we have made for ourselves (well, besides getting married and having kids). We couldn’t love this job more.  We get to work with absolutely amazing individuals and put smiles on their faces. And we get to work with each other! 
  29. Moving three blocks away from each other. Yes! We live super close to each other and it’s so awesome to be able to hang out even more than we did before.  
  30. Summer walks! We love waking up early (not really…that’s where our kids come in again) and going on long stroller walks. We tend to focus on the hills to get a better workout. If you see us, don’t try stopping us on the uphill. Most likely, we are out of breath and feel as though we might pass out. As our kids get older, the strollers get harder to push! 
  31. Okay, we do look a lot alike.  We admit it.  We get mistaken for each other A LOT. The worst is when we see each other’s students out in public. We feel sooo bad when a student says “Hi, Mrs. Drew” or “Hi, Mrs. Johnson.” We usually try to correct them, but sometimes we just play along.  It happens A LOT! 
  32. TODAY! There are way more than just 32 memories but getting a chance to celebrate all of those memories together is the best part.



Erin & Emily