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April 22, 2018


Why do we get so caught up in trying to be perfect?  We expend so much energy trying to conform to what we think will make us “cool.”  All the while not focusing on ourselves and, more importantly, those who mean the world to us.  This work to conform is sucking our light and we only have so much light to shine. When we waste energy and light on something that is not true to us we are likely shining less, or no light onto what is true to us…. Why in the world do we do this?

Do we get caught up in making sure our kid’s plate has a serving of fruits and vegetables at every meal? No! Do we like them to eat fruits and veggies? Of course! Not every day can we be perfect. We are okay with that. *Thank you Jimmy John’s day old bread for coming to our rescue.

In High School, all we could think about at prom time was getting that awesome dress so we would be slamming (do people still say slamming….we wonder if it means the same thing now as it did in 2003…) and impress everyone that “mattered.”  When we got to college, we couldn’t wait to move off campus to a sweet house so we would be “cool.” But guess what? The expensive prom dress wasn’t what made the night, our friends were. And you know what made our “cool” new house (which kinda smelled and had ridiculous electric bills) the best?  When our true friends from way back would visit. That is where it is at!

Ben caught Erin munching on Gracie’s marshmallows while feeding Graham.

Even now as adults, it is hard not to obsess and become consumed by how we dress or paint our living room so it looks good for our “friends.”  But do our true friends really care what we wear or what color our walls are? Nope. Not even kind of. Do we really want people in our lives who are attracted to our wall color or clothes?  Or, do we want people who respect us for who we are and what we are about? We all should want friends who love us for our personalities and what is on the inside.               

We are not saying give up and not care. If something is true to you then push for it with all you have.  Own it! What we are saying is stop wasting your energy on junk that you think you need or you think will make you “cool.”   It took us nearly 32 years to figure this out. 

We are trying to embrace ourselves and be true to who we are and we want you to as well. You can pull this off by truly evaluating what is important to you.  Be true to you! Those who you want to be a part of your life will love, respect, and accept you. We promise.

We beg you to wear what you want, work where you want, drive what you want (or whatever you can), hang-out with who you really want to spend your time with.  If you are true to yourself, you will attract the energy and friends you want and need in your life.

What is the alternative?  To continue to waste your time and energy trying to be something you are not in order to try to impress those who do not matter or do not accept who you are?  This doesn’t sound like much fun does it?

Emily in her typical after-school attire: baggy sweatpants with her dress shirt from school and hair in a messy bun.

We still find ourselves drooling over Lululemon stuff but does it really matter?  As much as we love us some Lulu, Emily’s true “go to” outfit is her Russell athletic sweats and an old hoodie (with a pizza stain probs) and Erin’s is some old school workout shorts and a cut-off T-shirt.  #classy

We find that focusing on what is true to you will help you find the peace of mind that comes in really knowing and accepting yourself.  This will attract the energy and light into your world that will better you as a person and ultimately lead to embracing yourself and empowering others.  We feel it will help you to be who you are, build relationships with your true people and ensure you show up in the world as you. Isn’t that what we all want?  Why would we want to show up as someone we just aren’t?

Let’s do this.  Be true to you. Do what your inner voice is telling you.  You need to. Do not conform. Are people going to judge you still?  YES! But your true friends won’t. They would never judge you because they get you.  Let those who do judge you do it while you have a smile on your face. Be you. Own you.  Embrace you. Who knows you just might empower your haters to self-reflect and be true to them.  And if not, who cares? Haters gonna hate… Shake it off. Shake, shake, shake it off. Ahhh T-Swizzle. 🙂

Here are some of the brave people who posted their photos for us on social media. Thank you all for your realstagram photos.  The winner of the E-Squared tumbler goes to: Mary Huset!




Erin & Emily