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May 1, 2018

Prom 2018

We were talking about how we would sum up our day with the prom goers of 2018 and we would probably say Stunning Students with Swag and Sass. They knocked it out of the park!!  We have been speaking about how we strive to get people to embrace who they are and own it.  We saw a ton of people do this on prom day. Each dress, tux, bowtie, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, eye shadow color, and even the fun shoe choices (some didn’t have a choice–they were forced to wear a “boot”…cough Paityn cough…) were so unique to each prom-goer. We loved that.

We want to say a few things about each group we got to hang out with and show you some of the fun photos we got to capture. We truly hope all of these can be saved and cherished as memories for future years to come.  Like us, we are sure you’ll look back at these and laugh because you will not believe the dress you wore or how you did your makeup and hair.  We still do this today.  Our Pepto Bismol colored dresses and extreme updos seem so dated. However, what we remember most is how much fun we had getting ready in the salon, taking pictures with our friends, and of course the great post prom prizes we won!

Spoontown Swag

It was so fun for Emily to head up to Spooner for a couple of mini-sessions with her past students. Emily could not believe these swagalicious kids were the pip-squeak freshmen she taught a few short years ago. This group was so fun and unique. The styles of their dresses and tuxes varied so much. We loved the swag that Miguel brought.  We also adored how beautiful all of the ladies looked. Check out the floral-patterned dress, matched with the floral headpiece and can you say wowzas to the red and black dress Allison pulled off.

Sun-Kissed Stunners

This was by far our largest and most lively group! Look at all of the vibrant colors! They were stunning! Their style and simple touches were on point.  From tennis shoes matching their dress to the gorgeous curls in Jenna’s hair, they nailed it. These guys may have their handful with this sassy and chatty group of girls!

Ben and the Beautiful Babes

These cute girls though. Lucky Ben! We absolutely adored all of them. Ben was in for a treat with these beauties! Ben and “B” were dates, with an incredible height difference that it made us laugh. So cute. We loved that their dinner was home-cooked chicken alfredo (and dessert).  This brought back memories of prom 2003! The only thing missing from this photoshoot was Kendall doing some sort of fancy gymnastic flip in her dress. Next year.

Giggles and Green

We cannot stop smiling when we look at these photos for a couple different reasons. One – Paityn doesn’t stop giggling when she is around Dawson. We think that is so sweet. He looks at her like she is a celebrity. She is. Did you see how gorgeous she looks in green?! The second reason we cannot stop smiling is knowing that Paityn hid her boot and crutches so well.  Well….except for one silly picture we made her take.  She had to have the memories saved for a lifetime, right?

Mr. & Ms. Maroon  

Brianna and Logan are too cute for cute.  The way he looks at her melted our hearts.  He is a true gentleman and she is beautiful inside and out.  Brianna nailed her senior session with us and BLEW US AWAY with her prom look.  The dress looked absolutely amazing on her and her eyes stole the show, yet again!!

M & M

Do you see their makeup? Do you see Maeve’s shoes? And shoelaces for that matter? We loved every part of these two.  Once again, Maeve receives the smize award! Thier makeup was crazy amazing. If you’re wondering who did such a fantastic job, ask and we will tell. Hint: It wasn’t us. I know you were thinking that mayyyyybe it was, but it wasn’t.  Megan and Maeve have such an adorable friendship.  They balance each other out perfectly.

Sweetheart Central

We couldn’t and we cannot handle these two.  Olivia. Where do we start? The sweetest human being we will probably ever meet.  We aren’t sure how her humungous heart fits in her teeny tiny body.  Her positive energy is so contagious!  As far as we could tell Adam caught it immediately, lucky guy! We just love that Adam had so many fun ideas for Oliva and him during their photoshoot. We hope they had the best time ever at prom.

Red and Radiant

What a cute couple! These two blew us away with sweetness. Both of them. Alexa rocked the red in every way possible. Her shoes were our favorite and the fact that they matched her lipstick? I mean stop, Alexa.  Bo even shined his truck up for the perfect night! We just had to get a photo of them sitting in the bed of the truck. Duh. What is a Wisconsin prom without a truck pic? We wonder if the red truck was a coincidence?

Defensive Tackle and Dimple Cutie

This football stud and his ADORABLE date were so kind.  Maddie’s royal blue dress, with the beautiful floral pattern knocked us dead.  This looked perfect on her!  What we love most about these two is their obvious admiration for one another.  Maddie’s dimples and giggles tell the story for themselves.

Classy Crush

These two have been dating for years now. But the way acted they acted you would think they had just started crushing on each other! We loved that.  From the brown suspenders and shoes that Alec wore to the stunnnnnnnnning dress that Megan rocked, we thought their style choices were extremely classy. If you only knew how much Megan pulled her entire ensemble off for, you would be jelly. For realz though.


Thank you all so much!!  You made us feel young again and brought back some amazing memories.  And most of all, we hope you created some new memories and can always look back on these photos and smile.




Erin & Emily