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January 11, 2021

Back Button Focus for Nikon d750

Back Button Focus for Nikon d750

Back Button Focus for Nikon d750

📸 Are you new to using your DSLR? 📸  Do you shoot with a Nikon D750? Have you heard of Back Button Focus? Do all of the new camera setting terms just confuse you!? We have been there. We went from only using our camera in auto mode to now shooting in manual mode and using back button focus and we are SO HAPPY we did! It took practice and patience and that is the key to learning something new.

We made the change from focusing with our shutter to focusing with back button focus. We are super glad we did and feel it is making our images much crisper! We are going to let you in on what it is, how to set it up, and how we focus on our camera (Nikon D750). ⠀If you don’t shoot with a Nikon, be sure to google how to set it up with your camera. It is not tough to set up and then you can start practicing and getting used to it. Hopefully, it leaves you with crisp images and confidence for your next sessions. 

We hope this is helpful and you feel confident in back button focus for Nikon d750.  Feel free to contact us through Instagram or email with any questions you have any other Nikon questions or photography in general! We LOVE to help out!

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