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December 28, 2020

Poses for Senior Girl Portraits

Poses for Senior Girl Portraits

Poses for Senior Girl Portraits


Are you a senior photographer? ⠀

Do you struggle with posing your senior girls? Do you get stuck trying to find Pinterest inspiration just to leave you overwhelmed? We have been there in the past. Two words: PRACTICE and SIMPLE. We preach these two words when it comes to posing seniors. Practice is FOR SURE needed in order to learn anything. Practicing on your friends, family, etc. is going to be super helpful in getting the hang of these poses. Once you practice enough, you WILL begin to have these in your head and not have the overwhelm you might feel right now. Simplicity is also key! Don’t overdo it and come to the session with too many poses ideas!

Take a look at this video as we walk you through our poses we repeat throughout our sessions.

Enjoy learning poses for senior girl portraits here! We hope you can take some sort of tip from it. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have via Instagram or Email. We LOVE to help out!


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