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September 28, 2020

River Prairie Center Wedding – Kara and Alex

The best day of 2020 for Alex and Kara was September 26th. They had been waiting for this day for a long time (especially Kara 🙂 ) and with the entire world stuck in the middle of a pandemic, the stress levels were high. However, when we arrived at the River Prairie Center in Eau Claire, Kara and Alex seemed at ease beyond belief. They went with the flow the entire day, even during the rain that came right before the ceremony. Neither of them expressed one bit of concern the entire day and night about anything. We couldn’t believe it. The way they handled everything thrown their way, rubbed off on the rest of the family and friends who helped celebrate their wedding day. They were all so happy and relaxed and ready for a good time!

We knew going into the day that we would have a ton of fun because when we met Kara and Alex at their engagement session, it was so easy and they were filled with kindness and giggles. They are both extremely funny, too. Kara has the sweetest giggles and a sense of humor while Alex has a heart of gold and like the Maid of Honor said, he is incredibly calm.  Although the night before the wedding was a long night for both Kara and Alex (oh…and a lot of their friends), they handled the day with ease and excitement.
The way their friends and family talked of them made it clear as to why we got the impression of their kind hearts right off of the bat. We are guessing they learned a lot of this from watching Sponge Bob Squarepants or The Bachelor but we aren’t sure. From the moments of meeting on Water Street to playing Footsie with….well, Kara eventually 😉 these two got to the big day to celebrate the incredible love they have for each other and others.
We appreciate you both being so great to work alongside and for your welcoming presence the entire time. We hope you enjoy a little glimpse of your day below.