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November 7, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Senior Session: Justine Zeman

It was our coldest session of the season. It was also our last session of the season. So, that all makes sense. Although the temperatures were frigid and colors were fading fast, Justine pulled off a great session. She has an infectious smile. We loved her simple and neutral outfit choices. It was so fun exploring her grandparent’s family farm and learning all about the family!

5 things we learned about Justine:

  1. Her parents would describe her as stubborn and smart. We know she is smart!
  2. Her favorite restaurant is Applebees. Half-off apps anyone?
  3. She likes her vans and she rocks them.
  4. She cannot stand the trend of VSCO girls….just like everyone else! Ha!
  5. She would like to attend college and major in the field of Biology. That’s exactly what BOTH of us did! 🙂

Take a look at some photos from Justine’s session below.