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November 4, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Senior Session: Cole Clark

We are nearing the end. We had so many boys this senior season. Cole was our last one! We had a ton of fun with him and his mom during his session.  We even got him crack a few smiles for us! Although the weather wasn’t the best, as it was cold and windy, Cole was such a good sport about it all. He also had some pretty awesome outfits (and shoes) picked out for his session. We know he spent days and hours before his session trying to determine what to wear. Oh wait…he did that the night before. 😉

5 things we learned about Cole:

  1. He is a talented athlete, in both soccer and track. He has speed!
  2. His parents would describe him as smart and athletic.
  3. Cole is empowered by his Grandpa Jack.
  4. Cole has a great sense of humor. I think all of his friends know this, too!
  5. Cole would love to go to UMD to begin schooling for Pharmacy.

Take a look at some photos from Cole’s session below.