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September 17, 2019

The Mill Wedding – Chetek, Wisconsin

After a few cold and rainy days, the weather warmed up and the sun came out just in time for Mikayla and Steven’s wedding day at The Mill.

When we arrived at The Mill in Chetek, WI, we were greeted with warm smiles and giggles. It was an extra special day. Not only was it Mikayla and Steven’s wedding day, but it was also Mikayla’s parents, Wendy and Jon’s, wedding anniversary! We thought that was so sweet.

Mikayla was getting her final touches done and Steven was telling jokes and putting on his Green Bay Packer socks. According to Steven, 50 percent of his life is Green Bay Packers Football. Thankfully the Packers beat the Vikings the day after the wedding, so Mikayla could start off her marriage on a good note! Phew.

The details of this wedding were amazing. Mikayla and her mom, Wendy, put in so much work making the day perfect. From the decks of cards to the cute signs to the florals. Everything looked amazing!

The whole day went so smoothly…Unlike Mikayla’s ability to drive on cruise control and talk at the same time. 😉 Steven even put on dress pants, instead of his sweatpants he lived in throughout his younger years.

The ceremony was about to start. The guests were all seated. Mikayla was anxious. She said this is the part she was most nervous for. She doesn’t like being the center of attention.  But, HOLY MOLY, she looked stunning! We especially loved her lipstick. As she walked down the aisle toward her groom, Steven started choking up, as did some of the bridesmaids. You could tell how much he and the girls adored Mikayla.

As they shared their vows the room filled with the sweetest feelings. We loved their personalized vows and how Mikayla vowed to never throw her recyclables in the garbage and to always laugh at Steven’s jokes (at least the funny ones…).

We discovered Steven’s sense of humor and was a bit sarcastic right from our initial meeting with these two. We loved it as we are pretty sarcastic ourselves.

Steven claims to have a recipe for life. It is 90% being funny, 8% sports, and 2% everything else. We think that might have to change a little bit now that he is married to one sweet woman. He will have to remember she wants flowers instead of chocolate and appreciates high-quality jokes. We noticed right away how Mikayla’s calmness balances well with Steven’s sense of humor.

We had so much fun throughout the day celebrating alongside all of their family and friends. We enjoyed the trivia (although pretty much failed at every question) and loved the scavenger hunt. We couldn’t stop laughing as we drove home for the night.

We had the best time getting to know Mikayla, Steven, and their families. They are such great people with an amazing life ahead of them.

Take a look at some photos from Mikayla and Steven’s wedding day at The Mill.