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August 23, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Senior Session: Mykensie Beighley

What a fun time! The weather was perfect and the company was spot on. Mykensie traveled to us from the Whitehall area, with her mom and sister. They were the best company and we got carried away a few times chatting up a storm. However, that wasn’t the best part of the evening. The best part of the evening was how absolutely adorable Mykensie was. From her ruffled tops and cute shoes to her perfect colors and fun hat, we loved it all. Mykensie rocked this like no other. Her big blue eyes, freckles, and cute smile were what made these images below soooo cute!


5 things we learned about Mykensie:

  1. Her favorite sport is volleyball.
  2. Her whole family has worked/went to school in the same building, multiple times. Teachers, students, counselors, administrators, they do it all.
  3. Mykensie loves the scrunchie trend! 🙂
  4. She would love to go to Spain…and so we decided we would go with her 🙂 She said she would take anyone who wanted to go. We are in! 😉
  5. She likes to shop at Francesca’s and eat at Olive Garden. Sounds like a fun girls day to us!

Take a look at Mykensie’s session below.