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August 20, 2019

Shell Lake, WI Wedding: Kenzie and Kyle

This couple is keepin’ it weird. It all started NINE years ago.

We were welcomed right away by the two amazing families. The Mitchell family and the Gauger family. These families became one on this beautiful day. Both of these families are very well known and loved in the community, which meant a BIG celebration with lots of laughs and great dance moves! As Rob said, these families around Spooner all had a part in helping raise each other’s kids. We sensed how close-knit everyone was on this special day.  Emily was able to witness this welcoming community being a teacher in Spooner and coaching with Rob (Kenzie’s dad) for a few years.

The day started out amazing. The sun was shining and the breeze was cool. As soon as the bridesmaids started getting ready and into their dresses, Kenzie’s heart was pumping faster and faster. She knew Kyle was somewhere near and she was going to put her dress on. Which, by the way…most beautiful dress ever. Wowza. Kenzie couldn’t wait to put her dress on, but the nerves were flying high. She pumped up the music a bit and got into her dress. It was time. It was time for her first look with Kyle. Kenzie walked up slowly to Kyle, tapped his shoulder, and he turned around with instant tears rolling down. Both of them filled with tears of joy. It was amazing to witness! We think Kyle may have been blown away by the beauty a bit, too. We mean for real you guys, take a look at these photos! Following the first look, we got to meet Kenzie and Kyle’s new puppy, Pearl.  O.M.G.  See below for the cutest puppy on the planet!

The day moved forward and the fun began, with a rowdy and fun group of bridesmaids and groomsmen. The group stopped at some of their favorite local bars on the way to the reception site.  The reception was one filled with many laughs and great stories about Aliens, weirdos, and good ideas, but the “Wrong Dads…” As the night moved on and we finished with golden hour photos, the first dance approached.  These two were SO much fun to watch dance to their first dance song. You could tell by the way they both belted out lyrics together how much fun their marriage will be and how they truly are best friends.

We wanted to leave Kenzie and Kyle with a few pieces of advice. Kenzie, always be Kyle’s “purple dolphin, Tasha”. Kyle, remember you must be Kenzie’s best friend and put the bromances aside. You should always figure life out together, even if it’s deciding between what chocolate pretzels to bring for your long car rides. Kyle, never hide from Kenzie’s fun spirit, even if it’s at a baseball game. Most of all, always keep each other weird.

Thank you so much for letting us come and celebrate your big day. We loved every moment of it and had so much fun, alongside your family and friends. We hope you enjoy your little time away and a little trip down memory lane with some of these photos below.



The Creative Team 

Venue: The Thompson Family Barn in Shell Lake, WI

Makeup/Hair: Fringe Aveda Salon

DJ: Trustworthy Music

Dessert: Hayward Bakery 

Florist: Sam’s Club

Photography: E-Squared Photography