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July 24, 2019

Wild Ridge Golf Course Wedding – Daria and Alec

Raindrops were pouring down. The weather predicted for this to happen all day and all night long. As you may know, rain is supposed to be good luck on the wedding day. And that it was. There were many signs of luck spread throughout the day. One being, that right after the ceremony, which was filled with lots of emotions and pure amazingness, everyone was in shock to see the sun shining as they stepped outside of the church. The sun was shining as bright as Daria and Alec’s smiles. For those of you that know Daria and Alec, you know how bright their smiles are. As photographers of their wedding, we LOVED it.

We learned a lot about the two of them throughout the day. We learned that they would both be welcomed into families who are close and filled with fun and lots of laughter. Oh and catchphrases that Alec needs to learn. We can tell that Alec is one to make others feel comfortable in any situation. He even let one of his best friends stay with him at his mom’s house for some time, where they spent time playing table tennis and sleeping in. Those days are long gone now, but their friendship still holds strong. Just as he is a good friend, an amazing husband to Daria, he is an incredible dad which everyone talked about. We not only heard it at the wedding, but we see it daily in his Instagram stories. We couldn’t help but notice Alec’s eyes were constantly on little Ellis during the entire ceremony. We know this little man will always look up to his big and muscular dad. Even if he chugs coffee with ice cubes. 😉

We learned a lot about Daria, too. We could have told you this, but her dad pointed it out in his speech, Daria is one to make sure everyone is just as happy as can be. She is always positive and smiling so big. We love every ounce of her sweetness. Although it sounds like her childhood growing up, she may have been picked on a little, we think she is incredibly loved. No more feeling like your parents are at McDonald’s in the middle of the night or blowing on your face so you don’t cry (although, Daria you might use that with Ellis already!), no more cleaning up totes and totes of Barbies (now it will probably be trucks and superheroes). Some things that you still have permission to do is dance whenever you see your reflection (as your dad stated you liked to do quite often), you can still do shopping trips to Target with your sister, and someday you can have campouts on the trampoline (until the mosquitos get you) with your own family.

Daria, we know that you immediately thought Alec was “such a babe”, but you two share something so incredibly special. It was obvious to everyone at your wedding. You share a love for your little family and you share a strong love for one another. The way you smile at each other and make each other feel at ease is something to cherish forever. Thank you for letting us join you on such a special day, with amazing family members.

Remember, Danielle said it best, “don’t judge each other’s choices ever, because you made the choice to pick each other”. You are each other’s biggest cheerleaders, just like Daria and Alyssa were for their older sisters. Always be each other’s biggest fans. With that being said, Skol Vikings. 😉

The Creative Team 

Venue: Wild Ridge Golf Course

Hair/Makeup: Estilo Salon

Cupcakes: Nothing Bundt Cakes

DJ: Kaleidoscope Entertainment

Florist: Allure Florist

Photography: E-Squared Photography