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February 14, 2019

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms


Okay, it is Valentine’s Day and we just recently had our 768th snow day of the school year.  If you are at home with kids or maybe even your four-legged children, you understand the fact that snow days…well, they aren’t that wonderful anymore.  As much as we love spending time with our children, we could use some Valentine’s Day pampering. Are you not a Valentine’s Day person? Do you think it is a dumb holiday? Good for you. We don’t care. Keep reading if you really want some ideas for how to help pamper someone special or maybe even tips on how to leave hints for your significant other. We are going to give some gift ideas for mothers on Valentine’s Day…or really any day would be wonderful. Let’s be honest.

Before you read this, please know that we are incredibly thankful to have children, as we know it is a struggle for some. We are also thankful to have healthy and happy children. We feel incredibly blessed for this.  In no way are we saying our life is terrible! We just like to joke about it a little bit and have some fun!

  1. Quiet time – Yup, that’s probably the most wanted thing right now. Maybe a trip alone to the bathroom.  Erin would like that. That’s for sure. A trip to the bathroom without Graham crawling up onto her lap. That would be nice. Emily wouldn’t mind if Elsie would stop playing her Frozen karaoke machine over and over again. Because seriously, the song is dated by now…I mean, they are already coming out with a Frozen 2…for realz?
  2. Laundry-Free Week – Um…either do the laundry for us or just pretend it’s clean and hang it back up.  Although, not sure you can pretend Graham’s nasty stained shirts are clean.  Erin has had enough of the 5 outfit changes Gracie has throughout the day. This isn’t a Taylor Swift concert, gurrrl.  Emily is lucky on this one, Elsie’s new thing is to run around with no clothes on. Good choice, Els.
  3. Grocery Delivery Service – Or heck, I mean…Casa can start delivering, right?  We wished we lived in a big enough city where groceries were delivered.  Have you ever tried shopping with children? Emily cannot go near the toy isles or Myla freaks out about LOL Surprises (and it is not lol-able at that point), Graham cannot sit in a cart to save his life, Gracie takes off the stickers of all the fruit and puts them on her face, and Elsie well…Elsie.
  4. Earplugs – Enough said.  Just give us even 5 minutes of silence…5!
  5. Endless Indoor Activities for Kids that are Glitter Free, Glue Free, Small Pieces Free, Smell Free, Noise Free, Easy Clean Up,  Etc. – Pinterest isn’t even keeping up with this these days. We are running out of ideas, people. I mean, Emily had her kids washing their toys in the bathroom the other day…HELP!
  6. Flower-Free Gift- Do you really think with everything else going on in our house that we will even remember to water them? Let’s be real…if you know us well enough, you’d skip the flowers and head straight to The Wicked Whisk.
  7. Faster Clocks (on certain days and times only…not to be picky) – When you feel like you have been playing grocery store with your children for 2 hours and you look at the clock and only 8 minutes have passed by, you might go nuts. 7 pm cannot come soon enough.
  8. Vegetables that Taste like Mac & Cheese – Anything is possible…come on scientists! You got this! Does anyone else feel like their kids eat mac & cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, applesauce, and chicken nuggets on repeat? Wait, we’d be all for veggies that taste like mac and cheese, too!
  9. A Successful Bedtime – HAHA!! Who are we kidding? Really though! Can Emily have one night where Myla & Elsie just lay in their own bed, stay there, close their eyes, and fall asleep right away? Oh….no?  How about one night where Elsie doesn’t come out of her room for water, tells us she is hungry, tells us that she bumped her head because she was jumping on her bed, unrolls all of her socks and lines them up with outfits that she will never wear tomorrow morning because it’s the wrong outfit, decides to change pj’s multiple times, goes to bed before we are ready for bed, etc.  I mean….one can dream!
  10. Snuggles from the Monsters – One of our favorite things about being a mom is the rare moments when our little monsters want to snuggle.  Just 10 minutes of snuggles from them would be the greatest Valentine’s gift of all! And from our hubbies. We like that, too. 😉


Those are just a start to what we could go for on this Valentine’s Day, after all of these snow days.  The first one was great, kind of exciting, but if we have another one…we might go cray cray.  We hope you took something away from this. We also hope you forward this link onto our husbands. Please and thank you.

Also, go do something for yourself and pamper other moms out there with encouragement and humor. It could make a day for someone.



Happy Valentine’s Day!


Erin & Emily