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February 13, 2019

Tips from our 2019 E-Squared Seniors

We have worked with the BEST seniors this past summer and fall.  We went to them with a few questions to help with a blog post and they DELIVERED! We want to get right to it and share what amazing advice they have given anyone coming into high school or currently in high school.  Let’s do this!

  1. What advice would you give a freshman coming into high school?
    1. Grades!! Multiple seniors said that you need to learn how to study, find time to study, and get good grades! A couple pointed out how quick your GPA will drop if you slip up with studying. Start today.
    2. Take it in. High school goes by so fast. It is so important to take everything in and live in the moment.  We would agree to this looking back at high school.  We LOVED our high school days! They were definitely some of the best.
    3. Don’t be stupid.  Haha! This was one of our favorites! You are young and have so much life ahead of you.  Don’t let stupid mistakes from high school ruin your reputation and future.  Don’t fall into traps because it will make you look cool! It’s not worth it.
    4. Get on every teacher’s good side!  Enough said. Remember, you might just be asking for a letter of recommendation one day! 
  2. What is one tip you would give those going into their senior year?
    1. Make a plan! Yes. This is so important to do.  You don’t need to know exactly what career you’re going to have ten years down the road.  That most likely will change.  Have a plan of what you want to do after high school, what classes you need to take in high school, etc. If you are completely lost, explore and try new things. It will help.
    2. Go to everything! Sporting events, band concerts, plays, dances, etc.  Take it all in. You only have high school once in your life.  We both agree that senior year was THE BEST year of high school and going to sporting events was by far our favorite thing to do to cheer on our classmates.
    3. Spend lots of time with your friends.  This is another amazing one. Most likely, your friends will all part ways as they head off to college.  Life will get busy and you will not see them very often anymore.  Things change a lot after high school.  Enjoy those moments with your close friends.  Have sleepovers, go bowling, play video games, cruise main (we did this….with our Spice Girls cassette tape…), do a fun BFF photo shoot with E-Squared, etc.  BE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!
    4. Scholarships are your best friend! So. True. They are the most annoying thing to have to fill out, but wow can you pay for a chunk of college with them! Totally worth the time it will take. Get together with friends and be hit up a coffee shop to pound out some scholarships!  Plus, it’s a good excuse for coffee. 
  3. What is one tip you would give high school students about getting involved in school?
    1. ALL of our seniors said to try new things. Just one thing! Join a club with friends, try a new sport that you’ve never done.  We both did this in high school.  We weren’t softball players growing up or soccer, so we joined the track team! Being on the track team was some of the best memories of high school. 
  4. What is one tip you would give about picking out the right clothes for your senior session?
    1. Make sure it is comfortable. Yes! You will be doing a lot of sitting, standing, laying poses and you want to be comfortable doing it.
    2. Make sure it makes you feel confident.  This is great! If you feel confident, you will look confident and you will LOVE your photos.
    3. BE YOU! 
  5. What’s one piece of advice you would give going into your senior photo session?
    1. Relax and Don’t Stress. This is so important.  We will put you at ease right away. We will make you feel like a top model.  We promise.  We coach you through each pose that we have you do (even if we look crazy doing it).  You are not expected to know what to do at all! We will tell you where to put your hands, how to smile, where to look, etc.
    2. Have fun! Oh, you will!
  6. What was your favorite thing about working with E-Squared for your senior session?
    1. Here is what a few had to say:
      1. “How upbeat & creative they were to my ideas”
      2. “How comfortable they made me and how fun it was!”
      3. “How fun and relaxed the process was.”
      4. “How could I choose just one thing? I loved how easy and accommodating they were to work with. I loved their energy and ideas. I loved how they were always looking for the perfect shot. I loved how they constantly made me feel so beautiful & their work truly shows what they say❤️”
      5. “They were so easy going and easy to work with. :)”
      6. “You guys are so funny and I feel so comfortable taking pics with u guys!”

There you have it, folks! These seniors are beyond amazing! They have brought us so much joy. We are so thankful and lucky to get the chance to work with this age group.  We wish all of our 2019 E-Squared Seniors the best of luck as they finish off their senior year of high school and go onto great things!  Wondering what to wear and how to plan for your senior session? Download our free guide here!


~ Emily & Erin