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January 30, 2019

Rice Lake, WI Winter Engagement Session

Kyle and Khia have been together for three years and just recently got engaged on Christmas Eve.  Khia and Kyle had the most adorable proposal!  They were having dinner and were having cupcakes for dessert.  Kyle was very patient through dinner and this was a little odd to Khia.  Kyle usually rushes through his meal.  When Khia unwrapped her cupcake she found a note from Kyle in the liner of the cupcake.  The slip of paper told her to look under the table.  There was a note under the table that listed everything Kyle loved about Khia. Then he asked her to marry him!! OMG!! How adorable is this!?! You can tell that Kyle adores his bride so much!

We had an amazing time with these two at their engagement session. Even though it was below freezing…well, way below freezing, the two of them were troopers and looked amazing! They are two very kind individuals.  The way they look at each other shows us that there is no doubt they have fun together and are going to live an amazing life together. They also are incredibly successful individuals in their work field, and we can tell they have big things coming their way! We know that Khia has the wedding planning down, as she is detailed and organized.   Whereas Kyle cannot wait for more photos come his wedding day!!

Our favorite part of the session was how easy these two were to talk to.  They are extremely easy going and laid back individuals.  We feel so lucky to have met them and couldn’t be more excited for their big day in August! We can tell it will be a fun-filled day!