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January 23, 2019


Most engaged couples are so incredibly busy with the wedding planning that some small details might slip past them. Totally okay! That is what we are here for.  We have witnessed many weddings and know some key tips for getting the most out of your wedding day detail shots! For example, when you think of your wedding photos, you most likely are thinking of the gorgeous portrait photos and the candid shots of everyone.  Have you thought about the detailed photography? The ring, the flowers, shoes, and much more! Those photos are some of our bride and grooms favorite photos because they are things they spent a lot of time working hours on and these are photos they want to look back at in years to come to remember their hard work.  These images put an amazing final touch on your wedding album.

We have some suggestions in making sure your photographer takes the best photos of your wedding details.

  1. Include the time for these photos in your day!  To most this doesn’t seem too difficult and seems like it may not take that long. This is something that is difficult for a photographer to get when there is no time built in.  There are a lot of parts that come into play when getting these photos (light, styling the details, etc.). We like to recommend about 30-45 minutes for these detail shots to ensure we get the best lighting and setups as we can.  Want our recommended wedding day timeline? You can download it here
  2. Have the supplies. Something that never crosses most brides minds is having a cute hanger! You spent a lot of money on that dress! You don’t want it photographed on a wire hanger.  A cute hanger will make your dress look so much better, plus it’s another detail to photograph! This can be as inexpensive as a wooden or satin hanger, or a splurge on a fun, custom hanger. Tip: Find some detail shots you love on our blog or on Pinterest and figure out what it is about those that you love and mimic those!
  3. Set the stage. If you have an area in mind that is well lit and clutter free your photographer will be SO HAPPY! It does not need to be a large space at all.  Often times we like to take dresses to a different location or even outdoors to find the best light for your photos.
  4. Gather the details. Sit down and make a list of all of the details you would like to have photographed (or again, look at blogs and Pinterest for inspiration).  Once you have the list, make sure to give that to a personal attendant or something that will be with you on the day of the wedding to get those ready for your photographer. Then the photographer won’t have to bug you while you are trying to enjoy your day.  Some things we recommending including on your list:
    1. The rings
    2. Bride’s perfume
    3. A clean copy of your wedding invitation
    4. Bouquets & boutonnieres
    5. The groom’s cologne
    6. Letters or gifts to each other
    7. Bridal party gifts
    8. Dresses/Robes
    9. Details of the bride’s apparel, including veil, shoes, jewelry, garter, and/or clutch
    10. Details of the groom’s apparel, including shoes, tie, watch, cufflinks, etc.

These tips above will allow your photographer to create the most beautiful images of your wedding details so that you can have those forever! We hope this was helpful and good luck in preparing for your big day.