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January 2, 2019


Anyone who asks us about our photography business will hear the same remark every single time. WE LOVE IT! We seriously didn’t know that it was possible to love a “job” so much! Our very first official session was with a senior and boy were we nervous.  We probably spent hours upon hours planning for just this one senior!  We fell in love with photographing them (Isabelle) immediately.  Let us tell you why we have such a passion for senior photography!

  1. They are sooo much fun! No seriously, they just naturally put us in a great mood and fill us with energy.  We begin to feel young again (well…..until we look at their birthdates and realize that they were born in the 2000’s).
  2. They bring us back to the days! We loved our high school years.  We have so many amazing memories from high school.  From the dances to the athletic events, to Calc class with Mrs. Peterson and Advanced Chemistry with the beautiful Mrs. LaVick! Talking with these seniors and seeing them live in the moment, is more than amazing! Side Note: We DID NOT look this good our senior year (we wore turtleneck sweaters in our senior pics…oh yeah!). We thought we did though, and that is all that matters!
  3. They are all so different! From watching Reece on his dirtbike, to Alicia with her tennis racket, and Carter wakeboarding on the below freezing day, we cannot believe how different they all are.  It is so much fun to learn new things from each of them and learn about their passions.  No one photo shoot is the same and that keeps things interesting!
  4. We love to see how excited they are after viewing a sneak peek of their session! Seeing profile pictures that we have taken and Senior Sunday posts are so rewarding! It makes us want to learn more and continue to grow in this field. 
  5. We love the time we get to spend together at the sessions.  Having kids makes it hard to find time to spend together as sisters and best friends, but we have found something that allows us to do this and it is AMAZING! We work really well together and are each other’s biggest fans.
  6. We love using our creativity.  In hearing the word creative about two years ago, we would both be like um….nope….not us! We are very logical, left-brained people.  We have learned that we actually do have a tiny bit of creativity in us and this is a great way to challenge us to use it!
  7. Photographing seniors has led us to learn that we are very passionate not just about seniors, but about photographing families and weddings as well!  We love to try new things and this has allowed us to do that.
  8. We LOVE to watch others in the spotlight.  Every. Single. Person. deserves to be in the spotlight and feel beautiful (or handsome).  And WOW, our seniors DO NOT disappoint.
  9. Um…..when we get breaks in between sessions, we get to sneak to The Flying Apron for the best dessert in the world! Shhh….the husbands don’t know how much we actually do this.
  10. Our main goal in working with seniors is to inspire them to fall in love with who they are and empower others to do the same around them.  We love showing off our true selves, (as crazy as we are) and to show others that nobody is perfect, and loving who you are is so important in finding happiness.  Each of us is unique (even us, with the same DNA!) in our own way, and we need to embrace it! 

So, we want to say thank you to EVERY SINGLE SENIOR and EVERY SINGLE PARENT of these seniors that we have worked alongside.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.  The rewarding feeling we have and the happiness this career brings to us is so incredible, and it is all because of you! YOU ROCK!