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December 26, 2018


We LOVE photographing the bride getting ready for her big day! There is so much to be said about having these gorgeous photos to look back on for years to come.  All of the hard work you did preparing for this big day deserves to have some photographing. Plus, this is most brides favorite part of their day (shhh…don’t tell the groom). Just think back to your prom or homecoming dances. What was your favorite part? Getting ready!   We would like to share a few things that you can do to make sure that your getting ready photos are as beautiful as you are imagining!

  1. Light, Light, Light! This is key to getting beautiful images.  Natural light is the most important. It is softer, more flattering, and more even than lamps and light fixtures.  Dark rooms, with lamps on, typically don’t make for the best photos. When you are figuring out where you will be getting ready for your big day, consider the windows and amount of light in that room.  Sometimes the getting ready rooms that are provided for you lack natural light.  It never hurts to ask for another option with more windows! If there is no good spot, we will try to find an outdoor space to capture your finishing touches to get the best photos possible for you! Extra Tip: Light colored walls are a photographer’s dream! 
  2. Clear the Clutter! Clutter is bound to happen very quickly in the getting ready rooms of both the bride and groom.  Ladies, we have everything! We have makeup, curling irons, perfume, clothes, hangers, water bottles, etc. So much STUFF ends up in the room at one time! In order to have those crisp, clean, and beautiful getting ready photos you are dreaming about, it’s so important to clear away the clutter.  This is a great job to give your personal attendant! We sometimes even ask to move decor (lamps, busy bedspreads, paintings, etc.) from areas of the room.   Nobody wants a hot pink, polka-dotted bedspread or random wall hanging, photobombing each picture! 🙂
  3. Be prepared! What are things you really wanted to be photographed? Jewelry, shoes, your written vows, gift, perfume, wedding invitation, flowers, rings, bridal hanger, any sentimental pieces, etc.  There are so many things to photograph! The list could go on and on! These are some of the best photos to look back on to remember the special day.  Once you have made the list, have someone who will be with you in the getting ready space gather those items and have them ready to go for the photographers.  That way nothing will be missed, and the photographers can get right to work and make the most of the time you have!

We strive to give you the most stunning photos of your wedding day! We want you to look back and cherish those memories, even the small ones in the getting ready space.  Natural light, clearing the clutter, and being prepared will make sure that you get the images you deserve that you can treasure for years to come.  We hope these tips are helpful to you and that your wedding experience is absolutely amazing!!



~ Emily & Erin