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November 5, 2018

Wedding Tips from E-Squared Couples

Weddings are stressful!! We get it! We’ve been there.  Sometimes the person with the greatest advice on how to make your wedding the best it can be is someone who has recently been in those shoes.
You’re in luck! We have worked with some of the best brides and grooms EVER!  We reached out to them and asked them for their wedding day advice, based on their own experience.  We knew they would have amazing tips for you.
Here are the TOP 5 TIPS from our E-Squared Couples.
1. Get detail shots!
Alyssa and Joe said that they were so thankful that they got detail photos of all the little things they spent so much time on.  These two had sooooo many amazing touches they added to their big day! We loved it.  They will love to look back at these photos and remember just how awesome Pinterest and their helpers were in making everything come together so perfectly!
2. Set aside time to spend together on your wedding day! 
Alyssa and Joe nailed it on the head when they suggested taking 10 minutes to spend alone as a NEW husband/wife pair! They said, “Your wedding day is so busy and everything goes by so fast. Faster than you ever expect it will. So, having a few minutes to just be alone and talk was one of the best parts of our day.” Alyssa and Joe also decided on a first look which allowed them to spend so much more of their day together!
3. Take it all in & Enjoy!       
All of our couples said this exact thing.  Sam and Ben said it best, “You’ve spent months, if not years, planning for this night.  Don’t forget to enjoy it!”  Remember that all of these people are here to celebrate the two of you! On the day of, let go of all of the planning and micromanaging, and just enjoy it!
4. Research! 
Sam and Ben suggested that you shop around and do research on your vendors! You want someone as detail-oriented, and easy going as you need them to be! Not to mention flexible AND experienced!
5. Ask the groom for advice! 
Most grooms have no desire to help with any of the details, but you would be surprised at the input they will give when it comes to the most important day of his life. Angel let Austin do this and he rocked his big day! Our suggestion: Give him options.  That won’t overwhelm him as much!
We also thought we would share the advice that we have for you! Not too long ago did we get married ourselves and we just happen to be there, in the middle of the details, when photographing these big days.
1. Let go of the small stuff on the day of the wedding. 
It’s your wedding day! Soak it up and enjoy the day. Put someone else in charge of the small details and planning on the day of the wedding.  You’ve already done enough leading up to this big day. People LOVE to help you out in any way they can.
2. Have a detailed timeline for important people on your wedding day.  
YES! This is so important. The last thing you want on your special day is for the cake to come too late or groomsmen to show up late for pictures.  Make sure to have your timeline in the hands of everyone who is involved on your big day (parents, officiant, florist, wedding party, reception venue, etc.). They all need to know the details.  More detail = better!
3. Dance!
If you want your wedding party to have fun, you need to DANCE! This is advice we once heard from a DJ.  He said the wedding is usually a party if the bride and groom are out on the dance floor. It makes sense!
Thank you so much to all of our past couples for sharing their tips! We are so lucky to have been able to be part of your big day.  You ROCK!!  We hope this helps you brides and grooms to be! 🙂