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October 3, 2018

Chetek, WI Senior Session

This was such a great session. You will never be able to tell by looking through these photos that this session took place one degree above freezing.  Little do you know, Carter actually went wakeboarding at the end of the session, like a champ. BRRRRR!!! Carter has so many great qualities. We can tell he has a lot of potential in his future to come.

5 things we learned about Carter:

  1. We learned that Carter enjoys football (and scored three touchdowns in their last game—boom).
  2. He has been part of the Chetek Hydroflites Ski Team since a super young age.
  3. He is extremely polite.
  4. He can do an insane “Tantrum” (for those of you that don’t know, that is a pretty crazy trick on the wakeboard–we pretend we knew that, but his sister Rylee taught us).
  5.  Carter plans to attend college after his senior year to become a financial advisor. He is getting some pretty great experience while working at the local bank. We aren’t sure how he manages his time so well. He is a busy kid!

Thanks for a fun session, Carter. Take a look at his photos below.