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September 30, 2018

Adventure Awaits Fall Wedding: New Auburn, WI

Shabby chic to the max! This wedding was a bride’s dream for many reasons.  We don’t even know where to start.  It was a day filled with tears and laughs.  Everything was over the top amazing.  The day started with Kelsey (the stunning Barbie herself–as her MOH, Katie would say) reading a couple of special letters.  One letter was from her soon-to-be husband, Josh.  Kelsey claims she isn’t super emotional and cries about twice a year, but his letter had her tears pouring down.  She also had a letter, written by Josh, to her favorite country star, Thomas Rhett.  Josh surprised Kelsey by writing Thomas Rhett asking him to sign something for Kelsey.  You’ll see below that he followed through. Kelsey couldn’t believe it…more tears.  The minute we walked into their getting ready space, we both felt like we were hanging out with a group of our friends.  These girls were not only sweet as can be but downright hilarious.  They had us laughing over many things the entire day.

We learned a lot about Josh and Kelsey as the day went on.  We learned that Josh was the planner of the day. He was calling out orders and making sure things were perfect for Kelsey.  At one point, he mentioned that the day was about Kelsey, so whatever she wanted is how it needed to be (Side note: She is far from high maintenance! Josh just adores her this much.).  He had so many incredible moments and surprises for his bride on her special day.  His gestures were even better on their wedding day than his famous breakfasts-in-bed we hear about.

As the day went on, even with the cold weather, it kept on getting better and better.  We were blown away by the beauty of their love and their entire wedding day.  Although there were many surprises throughout the day, the biggest surprise of them all was the one Josh couldn’t hold in any longer. He had his friend Tim from Lucette Brewing Co. help him brew a beer just for their wedding day. This surprise was a year and a half in the making!  It was very clear with all the details that went along with it.  The beer was brewed on Kelsey’s birthday, it was labeled and named for their wedding day “929”, Josh signed each individual bottle, and each guest at the wedding got to take one home.  We just can’t even. How do we even type this blog post without tearing up? Uffdah.

Everything from the bottles of beer to hearing how Kelsey makes Josh happy to get up each morning, melted our hearts into puddles.  They are the perfect pair in so many ways.  They balance each other out in all of the right places.  Josh & Kelsey, we wish you the best and know you and your little family will do amazing things.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your special day.



Erin & Emily 


A huge thank you to the amazing creative team who made this day happen:
Florist: Hannah Sommerlot at Mays Florals
Cake or Dessert: Ashley Trunkel-Asher
Videographer: Jarod Schamaun Media