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August 29, 2018

E-Squared Bloopers!

Hey Friends!

Sometimes we scroll through Instagram or Facebook and wonder how certain people have the most perfect lives and are always in good moods!  We sometimes forget that most people post the best of the best on their feeds. We need to remember that everyone has struggles in life and things they are dealing with that are far harder than we could ever imagine.  It’s a good reminder to be kind to everyone because we don’t know the battles they may be fighting.  We both have been through some tough times in life, but we try to turn it around and look at it in a positive way.  We witness others who have far harder lives and deal with difficult things every single day and these people still have a smile on their face.  These people empower us to be the best we can every single day.  Feeling bad because we didn’t get to go on vacation this year or because we don’t have the perfect skin is not worth our time or energy.  It is so important to live each day to its fullest and to stop and enjoy what you have that is right in front of you.

We thought you might enjoy some real-life photos of what we really look behind the scenes.

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Photo Cred: Rob The Heart Throb