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August 28, 2018

Paityn’s Senior Session: Rice Lake, WI

Paityn is a pretty well-known young lady.  She excels in many areas of her life, but one area that she really excels is on the court.  She is extremely talented in all sports that she does. She is determined and works hard which has paid off.  Not only does Paityn excel in athletics, but she is pretty talented in school.  She has learned that academics and athletics go hand-in-hand.  She puts the time in where she needs to first.

Paityn’s session was a ton of fun…and not just because they gave us donuts at the end of the session. Paityn’s sister, Amber, came up from Hudson and surprised Paityn and her mom.  It was so nice to have all three of them along during her session.  Paityn had no problem letting loose! We may or may not have made her dance.

5 things we learned about Paityn:

  1. She can dance! And…she has the legs of a dancer.
  2. Her favorite sport is probably basketball.
  3. She spends most of her spare time traveling from here to there to participate in volleyball and basketball.
  4. She LOVES fruit and eats a ton.
  5. She steals shoes from her Aunt Stacie.


Thanks, Paityn!  Check out some of her session below.