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August 16, 2018

Logan’s Senior Session: Rice Lake, WI

Logan keeps himself busy. At least that is what his mom told us. We adore the relationship he has with his mom. They are both such amazing people.  You can tell Logan was raised to be polite and a gentleman.  We think this might be why Emma likes him, too. 😉 From the planning for his photos to the very end of Logan’s session, he was over-the-top polite and thankful.  He brought some of his own thoughts to the session.  He also brought some serious style and swag.

5 things we learned about Logan:

  1. He is an only child.
  2. He absolutely loves adventure…especially cliff jumping with his friends.
  3. He has a sense of humor…and would love to chill with Ricky Bobby sometime.
  4. Although his hair looks like it takes hours to do, it only takes a few minutes to get lookin’ that good.
  5. He would like to go to college and get a side-job of serving at a restaurant. We loved this because both of us did this in college!


Thanks, Logan! Check out some of his session below.


Emily & Erin