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August 13, 2018

Spooner, WI Senior Session

When we first met Sam, our first impression of him was WOW he is TALL and has great hair! Sam was a very polite young man to work with and took stellar photos! He is very much your typical boy in that he did not care what he wore, where we took his pictures or how he posed.  Deep down, we know that all he wanted was a few extra hours of senior photos. 😉

5 things we learned about Sam:

  1. He is TALL!! 6’5” tall. What!? Thank goodness for our step ladder.
  2. He spends his summer golfing with friends and working at Jacks Canoe Rental.
  3. His parents would describe his as patient and smart.  His patience showed as he made it through a few outfit changes and a ton of shots.
  4. If he had to pick one ice cream topping it would be Snickers.
  5. He really enjoys taking his picture right on the main drag so everyone can see him. 😉


Thanks, Sam and his wonderful family for a great session!  Check out some of his session below.


Emily & Erin