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June 9, 2018

A Letter to our 2018 Senior Graduates

Dear Graduates,

Whoop Whoop! Is it really 2018 already? The Class of 2018? What?! We feel like we JUST walked across the stage at RLHS and wore those royal blue gowns. Okay, doing the math, maybe not. It’s been awhile. It was so fun to feel the fun and excitement beam from all of you at your cap and gown session. As part of the E-Squared Senior Experience, we had a blast gifting our hometown grads with a free cap and gown session, where you got to bring your family and friends for a few fun photos. We had so much fun!

We adored being around all of you right before you were about to walk the stage.  The excitement within each of you brought back some great memories about the last weeks of school for us.  We can still remember the day we graduated high school and that last week of the school year. We can remember feeling more like a “senior class” rather than cliques of students during that time.  When having the academic awards, senior banquet, etc. we felt like finally, our class decided to come together as a whole.  I mean, we actually talked to people that were not part of our group of friends. What!? I know. How dare us. As we were snapping photos for your cap and gown session, we saw many of you go from person to person, having conversations with one another, realizing it might be the last time you see them, well…until your 10 year reunion. Which, believe us kids, it comes soooo fast!

As you guys all made it through the last week of school, we can remember the same things…barely making it through any lesson that a teacher taught, we couldn’t believe that a teacher would even dare move on to a new unit the last couple weeks of school.  Although you probably made some eye rolls and comments behind the scenes about this stuff, you will miss your teachers, and realize how much they taught you about life and academics, once you get into your first finals week in college or are placed into your first “real” job.  So, do not forget how important they were to you, especially that Pre-Chem teacher you had (wink-wink).

And of course, this might not be as easy on your parents as it is on you.  Although, some may be secretly celebrating your departure.  Either way, soak up those last few moments together and you can never hand out too many thank yous or I love yous. You’ll never regret that.

Good luck with this exciting time in your life. We are both so extremely proud of you and cannot wait to hear what your future brings. Always remember: Be You. Do You. For You.  Keep in touch, always!


Erin & Emily